My name is Edna Lucille. I am a practising spiritual healer, a member of the Australian Spiritual Healer's Association, and the National Federation of Healers (both are affiliated to associations in the UK). I have been in active practice for the last 18 years at my healing center, the Holistic Health Sanctuary.

I have added several healing modalities tools to be able to create a holistic healing program which addresses all levels of the individual in the hope that a true healing would take place. The other healing modalities that I practice currently are:

  • Kinesiology (Vibrational, Kinergetics, Touch for Health, Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement, Tools of the Trade, Hyperton x, Reset);
  • Spiritual Healing and Surgery of the etheric field;
  • Bowen Therapy (a therapeutic technique);
  • Nutrition (use of natural and herbal dietary supplements) to provide the building materials to facilitate the body to detoxify, repair and heal;
  • Metaphysical Counselling and Teaching; and
  • Past Life Regression to get to the root of the problem and diffuse the stress so the person can move on with their present life.
  • Thought Field Therapy
  • Malchizedek Healing

  • I am a qualified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and had been a practicing Veterinary Educator for 18 years at universities in the Philippines and Australia. In 1980, I left the academic field and moved into the spiritual field. I followed my Inner Feeling or Intuition, searching for my life purpose and life puzzle piece in order to fill the spiritual void in my life and find the inner peace.

    At the same time, my health was in a terrible state, I had contracted polio at a very young age, and I always had trouble with body aches and pain due to misalignment of my spine. I limp very badly and I am physically out of balance. I visited a psychic healer, as well as, sought medical help. All I got was some surgery to correct my right foot, it was curving inward, and some ultrasound therapy. I also went to a chiropractor and physiotherapist but this did not really help my problem.

    When I was ready to receive God's Grace, a friend and spiritual healer gave me weekly healing for 3 years. I had Bowen Therapy and Kinesiology and became well again. I also began to take powerful herbal and antioxidant products, so my energy level now is really fantastic. I never come down with a cold anymore.

    Furthermore, before I took these dietary supplements, my auric field had no blues or purple, and very little green color, mostly red, orange and yellow colors. I was also burnt out and could not work on clients continuously for the entire day. This is not the case anymore. My auric field now has a lot of purple, blues, and green. Now I also work evenings and weekends healing my patients. I make sure I stay balanced in thoughts, words and deeds.

    My healer also taught me how to attune to higher forces so I could channel the healing energy from the Creator down to my Inner Healing Team. This is how I became interested in spiritual healing. As they say in the East,

    "When the student is ready a teacher will appear".
    That fact was unknown to me.

    I was born a healer since I liked healing animals (which was why I became a veterinarian). I need not have gone to a psychic healer but at the time, I was not ready to embark on my healing mission. I first had to learn to over come my disability, to learn compassion, kindness, empathy, sympathy, and to express my spirituality through unconditional love.

    Spiritual healing is giving unconditional love through the heart chakra.

    I also had to acquire a certain amount of Light energy around me before my healing guides could use me. I had to work on my spiritual growth before I could be a clear and powerful channel for the healing energy, in addition, my higher sensory perception was also sharpened.

    Now I have attracted other spiritual help in my work. Helping me are Inner Plane Ascended Masters such as Sai Baba, Archangels, and the Angelic Kingdom. Recently I have an Ascended Master who is teaching and guiding me on my Initiation and Ascension Path so that someday I too may become an Ascended Master and leave the wheel of Karma.

    I am a Lightworker, helping to anchor the Christ consciousness on Earth and spiritualise Mother Earth and humanity. This is my life puzzle piece. I have found my mission in this lifetime, the awareness that every person on earth is suppose to work on his soul evolution, and master every aspect of his/her life at all levels, finding his/her way back to the creator.

    So the key is stay in the Tao middle way, always stay balanced in body, mind and spirit, and keep the mind steady in the Light. If I did not achieve this Tao I would still be working on my Karma in the form of ill health problems. God however gave me Grace to balance my Karma and move on to help others so that they too could be given His Grace and move on to a higher life.

    Some people however reject God's gift so it is up to you my Internet brothers and sisters to make a commitment to move on to a higher life or stay stuck in this third dimension, resisting progress. God's Law is always to grow and evolve. Whether we like it or not we are moving forward but at a much slower pace. God's Law is perfect and just.

    So see God in every living thing including, animals, plants and mineral kingdoms. This is how he manifests himself to us.

    May His Blessing be upon you all and keep you in the Path of Light, Love and Truth.

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