We start by being in the Halls of Ignorance where we go through life on automatic pilot and disconnected from our Higher Self. Then we move into the Halls of Learning. This is when we are awaken to the fact that there is something missing in our life and a void inside us so we start to seek and learn about the meaning of life and search for that illusive Inner Peace.

There are seven levels of Initiation (a mastery of all subtle bodies including our physical body)-starting with probationary level taking us up to the seventh level. When we reach the fourth level we start to connect with soul (higher self) and soul now is guiding us. Then we move to the sixth level when we start to merge with our true self (spirit or the original spark, monad often called the Mighty I am Presence). This is the beginning of our Ascension process to become an Inner plane Master. The purpose in achieving ascension is to free us from the Wheel of Karma so we have a choice of whether to return to the earth plane to carry out a special mission and stay here as long as we wish or not. We also achieve physical immortality . This is the way to find our path home to God. The Masters have shown us the way and as they move onward to still higher dimensions or planes we then must take their places. If one is not a Master then he is given no choice but to keep on returning to this earth plane ; death and rebirth goes on and on like nature's cycle. Mortals cannot cheat death but Adepts can determine when they make their exit from this plane without having the Soul dictate the time of death so in reality they cheat death.

The Sanctuary can help with people who want to get into the path of Initiation and eventually lead to Ascension. How to gain more knowledge and on how to proceed in getting into the path. Humanity is given a dispensation now that we can achieve our seven levels of Initiation and Ascend this lifetime. Soul evolution is a personal responsibility and no one can do it for you or remove your sins because the Law of Karma just takes effect automatically. So when the person should be ready to work out his karma then it becomes 'Ripe Karma" . The energy that one has sent into the atmosphere in the past is now ready to return to the source at a much stronger intensity. All debts must be paid. God gave us the Law of Forgiveness to be able to transmute or erase our debts. One has to work out first on how to clear all these past negative energies and not to yield to the negative ego ( lower conscious mind) before one can truly become an Inner Plane Master. God gave every person the gift of Free Will or Free Choice; so use it wisely . Integrate the Head/ Wisdom/Buddha with the Heart/ Love/Christ Consciouness.
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