Gimp Cineon File Plugin

Latest version 0.6 (15 Jan 2005) for Gimp 2.x. Licensed under the GPL.

Download the Cineon image file plugin for Gimp.

This plug-in provides file load and save for Cineon and DPX image files, including conversion from 10 bit log to 8 bit, with black and white point setting and gamma correction. It currently should read and write mono and rgb 10 bit files. It was written on an Intel (little-endian) machine, but I have been told that it works on SGI MIPS (big-endian) boxen. You'll probably have to fiddle with the Makefile on non Intel/Linux platforms - just compile everything (except cineonTest.c) into an executable called cineon and copy it into your Gimp plugin directory. Please email me at hodsond at ozemail dot com dot au if you have a Cineon file which it cannot handle, and I'll see about writing the additional code. (CDs make excellent bribes - contact me for a list.)
Update: this version should be able to read and write DPX format files. I'd appreciate any feedback on this, as I'm working from the spec., with only one mono test file.


This plugin has not been extensively tested. If you're planning to use it in a production environment, TRY IT FIRST with the files you'll be using. I will not be held responsible, and so forth ... but if it doesn't work, please let me know, because I will want to fix it.

Technical Notes

For normal, interactive use, this plugin allows you to load and save Cineon files, prompting for gamma and black and white points. Used non-interactively, there are eight functions:

... and four similar functions with dpx instead of cineon. This (rather curious) collection of functions allows the magic file load functions to work correctly.

Coming soon: the ability to remember header information when loading, and put it into the file when saving.