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The Range Rover beside the Alfa in the 3rd pic is the same one as behind Roy and Noel in the London to Sydney pics.
That Range Rover is the one I drove while Service Crewing for the London to Sydney Rally


London to Sydney 1968

World Cup Rally 1970

Evan and John Bryson in the Rally d'Antibes

The Southern Cross Rally , 1976

Preparations for the 1977 London to Sydney Rally

London to Sydney 1977

While Evan & Co. were Rallying , I was heading off to meet them at Ayers Rock

Then after rendezvous at Ayers Rock - followed to Alice

Then we headed up to Rabbit Flat to rendezvous

Then off to Tibooburra

Then to Goondiwindi , we helped a British Team who were cutting and running

At Maitland , not far to go now

Near Sydney Opera House 1/2 km and the END