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Norman W. Gray

My favourite sayings are ...

nil novi super terram

I joined the SCA to get away from computers.
I would have had better luck at the IBM social club!

About Me

I am a computer analyst/designer/programmer of too many years. I am currently involved in user interface design (usability) and knowledge based software.

One hobby of mine is Renaissance Dance, i.e. European dance from the 15th and 16th centuries. There are two groups I do this with:- the Canberra Renaissance and Early Music Society (CREMS) dance group and the Society for Creative Anachronism (the alias below is with the SCA).

Variations in the "Inns of Court" dances.
"Dances from the classes at St. Aldhelms." This is an old document on some Playford dances.
"A dance called Horse(s)" a discussion on the mimed branle horses from Arbeau.
"Manshaft confusion" a discussion on the modern SCA creation "The Manshaft Pavanne".
Work in progress on the Gresley dances
A collection of recipies I am frequently asked for.

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