Bill's associated electronics behind the left Carver ribbon.

Descending from the top, there is some sound absorbing foam to try to fix the problem of brightness to the sound. Then there is a Linn LP-12 turntable with a Rega RB-300 tone arm and Sumiko Blue Point cartridge for listening to LPs. Then there is the Metaxas Audio Systems (MAS) Marquis preamplifier. Underneath that on the left is the modified Clearview active crossover and on the right the Audio Alchemy multibit Digital Decoding Engine V3.0 DAC. Underneath them is the modified Marantz CD50 CD player and underneath it a Luxman T-117L AM/FM tuner. In the next rack down is the ME75 power amplifier, next some power supplies and on the bottom the MAS Solitaire power amplifier. Racks of CDs is to the left of all this.

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Last modified 29 October 2001.