What the Heck's a "Philistiniphony"?

This is just an interesting word we made up to call our (originally a demo [if you know what that means]) group. If you were to break the word down into its elementary components it could be defined as "the act of sounding like a philistine", but, as you probably guessed, this is not really what we meant.

Who Maintains this Page?

This page is maintained by Hugh William Chaffey-Millar who is currently (beggining 1999) studying Industrial Chemistry at the University of New South Wales (4 years full time).  For his HSC he studied 4U Maths, 4U Science, 2U General English and 2U Related Music. His UAI can be calculated by dividing the number 8.75425833*10-29 by the mass of an electron in kilograms to six significant figures. His hobbies include computer programming, athletics (middle distance), music, pyrotechnics, model training (and the associated electronics), eating and enjoying life. I am Hugh Chaffey-Millar.

Other pH Sites:

The only other Philistiniphonical site worthy of mention is BBB's Philistiniphony Music Extravaganza (which is really cool). Andrew Baumann also has a page but there is not much there. BuBs has also been working on his site (I believe) but I am not too sure what is there yet.

The only non-pH site created by me which is worthy of mention is the one which used to be at Conspec Pty Ltd but which has now been removed (not quite sure why), and the one for Graham Millar Pty. Ltd. (Yes that's my Dad).

Software Used to Create This Site:

  • Netscape Navigator Gold
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  • Windows Notepad
  • Philistiniphony VRML Editor
  • WinImages Morph
  • Jasc Paint Shop Pro
  • Fractal Paint
  • Windows Paint
  • ED for Windows
  • Java Maker
  • The GIF Construction Set
  • Contacting Us

    Hugh Chaffey-Millar: h.chaffey-millar@student.unsw.edu.au
    BBB: barretts@ozemail.com.au
    Baumann: andrewb@wr.com.au
    BuBs: hall5@ozemail.com.au