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  • consultant in heritage and archaeology for over 14 years.
  • member National Trust Industrial history and Conservation Advisory Committees
  • member, Archaeological Advisory Committee and Engineering/Industry Advisory Committee to Heritage council victoria
  • Aboriginal and historic archaeological field surveys
  • historic site assessments
  • archaeological exc avations and heritage mitigation works
  • conservation management plans.
Western Regional Industrial Heritage Study
Northern suburbs Factory Study
VicRoads Guidelines for the Conduct of Archaeological Surveys.
Historic Metal Bridges in Victoria
Built To Last: An Historical and Archaeological Survey of Dry Stone Walls in Melbourne's Western Region,

- Gunpowder Barge passing through Footscray Swing Bridge


  • archival research,
  • oral history,
  • site assessment and interpretation,
  • industrial and historical archaeology,
  • arge scale environmental management and conservation plans in Victoria.
  • Heritage Studies, City of Hume and City of Brimbank - contributing the industrial and archaeological components to Dandenong, Flinders, Hobson's Bay, and Maribyrnong
  • industrial heritage - comprehensive inventories of industrial heritage places in Melbourne's Northern and Western Suburbs
  • analytical report on idustrial heritage data in Victoria,
  • extensive research on historic industries including:
  1. tanneries
  2. meatworks
  3. manufacturing
  4. dry stone walls
  5. ropemaking
  6. bridges
  7. chaffmills

 Bridge page

Current work includes research and heritage assessment of historic bridges , for the National trust of Australia (Victoria), funded by VicRoads and Heritage Victoria.

Currently a database of nearly all victoria's road bridges has been compiled, and more that 200 bridges have vbeen assessed as significant. A summary Paper on the Metal Bridges Study has been reproduced from the Journal of Interdisciplinary Engineering.

-Hotspur Iron Bridge

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