Plastruct Accessories

Fineline Styrene Angles
Code #.Height x WidthThicknessLengthPrice.
AFS-11.2mm x 1.2mm0.4mm250mm$1.10
AFS-21.6mm x 1.6mm0.5mm250mm$1.25
AFS-64.8mm x 4.8mm0.8mm600mm$2.35
AFS-86.4mm x 6.4mm0.9mm600mm$2.50
AFS-107.9mm x 7.9mm0.9mm600mm$3.10
AFS-129.5mm x 9.5mm1.1mm600mm$3.50

Fineline Styrene I-Beams
Code #.Height x WidthThicknessLengthPrice.
BFS-21.6mm x 0.8mm0.4mm250mm$1.10
BFS-32.4mm x 1.2mm0.5mm250mm$1.25
BFS-43.2mm x 1.6mm0.6mm375mm$1.55
BFS-64.8mm x 2.4mm0.9mm600mm$2.35
BFS-86.4mm x 3.2mm0.9mm600mm$2.70
BFS-107.9mm x 4.0mm0.9mm600mm$3.10
BFS-129.5mm x 4.8mm1.1mm375mm$2.00
BFS-1411.1mm x 5.6mm1.4mm375mm$2.35
BFS-1612.7mm x 6.4mm1.5mm375mm$2.90
BFS-1814.3mm x 7.1mm1.5mm375mm$3.10
BFS-2015.9mm x 7.9mm1.5mm375mm$3.60

Fineline Styrene H-Columns
Code #.Height x WidthThicknessLengthPrice.
HFS-21.6mm x 1.6mm0.5mm250mm$1.10
HFS-32.4mm x 2.4mm0.6mm375mm$1.35
HFS-54.0mm x 4.0mm0.8mm375mm$2.00
HFS-64.8mm x 4.8mm0.9mm600mm$2.50
HFS-86.4mm x 6.4mm1.0mm375mm$1.85
HFS-107.9mm x 7.9mm1.1mm375mm$2.40
HFS-129.5mm x 9.5mm1.4mm375mm$2.90

Fineline Styrene Channels
Code #.Height x WidthThicknessLengthPrice.
CFS-21.6mm x 0.9mm0.4mm250mm$1.10
CFS-32.4mm x 1.0mm0.5mm250mm$1.25
CFS-64.8mm x 1.6mm0.9mm375mm$2.15
CFS-86.4mm x 2.0mm0.9mm600mm$2.70
CFS-107.9mm x 2.4mm1.1mm600mm$3.10

Fineline Styrene Round Tubing
Code #.O.D. x I.D.LengthPrice.
TBFS-32.4mm x 1.4mm375mm$1.00
TBFS-43.2mm x 1.9mm375mm$1.10
TBFS-64.8mm x 3.4mm375mm$1.25
TBFS-86.4mm x 4.9mm375mm$1.60
TBFS-107.9mm x 6.4mm375mm$2.00
TBFS-129.5mm x 8.3mm375mm$2.20

Fineline Styrene Rectangular Tubing
Code #.Height x WidthWallLengthPrice.
RTFS-86.4mm x 4.8mm0.6mm375mm$1.85
RTFS-107.9mm x 6.4mm0.6mm375mm$2.20
RTFS-129.5mm x 6.4mm0.6mm375mm$2.50

Solid Styrene Square Rod
Code #.Height x WidthLengthPrice.
MS-200.5mm x 0.5mm250mm$0.60
MS-300.8mm x 0.8mm250mm$0.60
MS-401.0mm x 1.0mm250mm$0.60
MS-601.5mm x 1.5mm250mm$0.60
MS-802.0mm x 2.0mm250mm$0.75
MS-1002.5mm x 2.5mm250mm$0.75
MS-1253.2mm x 3.2mm250mm$0.95

Open Web Truss - Warren Style
Code #.Height x WidthThicknessLengthPrice.
OWTS-43.2mm x 4.8mm1.6mm150mm$4.15
OWTS-64.8mm x 2.4mm2.4mm150mm$4.95
OWTS-86.4mm x 9.5mm3.2mm150mm$5.40
OWTS-129.5mm x 15.9mm4.4mm150mm$6.20
OWTS-1612.7mm x 21.4mm4.8mm300mm$7.00
OWTS-2015.9mm x 27.8mm6.4mm300mm$8.30
OWTS-2419.1mm x 33.7mm6.4mm300mm$9.50
OWTS-3225.4mm x 46.8mm7.9mm300mm$10.50

This is only a small section of products that are available in this line.
If there is something specific that you require you just need to send us an e-mail (link on the contact page) and we will tell you if it is available.

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