Aftermarket Kit Conversions


Western Star Conversion Kits
Code #.Kit Contains.Price.
4864FX1 Hood, 1 Firewall, 1 Radiator Top, 1 Chrome Tape$24.00
4864FX Vis Hood1 Hood, 2 Quater Guards, 1 Firewall, 1 Radiator Top, 1 Chrome Tape$25.00
4964F Sup Tilt1 Hood, 4 Round Headlight Buckets, 4 Headlight Lenses, 1 Chrome Tape$22.00
4964FX Vis Hood1 Hood, 1 Radiator Top, 1 Chrome Tape$22.00
6964F1 Hood, 4 Round Headlight Buckets, 4 Round Lenses, 1 Chrome Tape$22.00
Note: All kits come with cab and spring packing blocks, instructions for all modifications and Western Star specification sheet

Kenworth Conversion Kits
Because these kits are very extensive you will have to follow the link to find out what the kit contains
Code #.Kit Contains.Price.
KWT950-1Kenworth T950 Conversion$46.00
KWT950-2Kenworth T950 Conversion$59.00
KWT950-3Kenworth T950 Conversion$66.00
KWT950-4Kenworth T950 Conversion$79.00
KWC501T-1Kenworth C501T Kit$46.00
KWC501T-2Kenworth C501T Kit$59.00
KWC501T-3Kenworth C501T Kit$66.00
KWC501T-4Kenworth C501T Kit$79.00
KWC500T-1Kenworth C500T Kit$42.00
KWC500T-2Kenworth C500T Kit$55.00
KWC500T-3Kenworth C500T Kit$61.00
KWC500T-4Kenworth C500T Kit$74.00
KWT900-1Kenworth T900 Kit$38.00
KWT900-2Kenworth T900 Kit$50.00
KWT900-3Kenworth T900 Kit$57.00
KWT900-4Kenworth T900 Kit$70.00

This is only a small section of conversions that are available.
If there is something specific that you require you just need to send us an e-mail (link on the contact page) and we will tell you if it is available.

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