Aftermarket Accessories
Aftermarket Accessories
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Italeri Accessories
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
7201/24Truck Accessories$28.50
7641/25Truck Access.$28.50
9631/24Truck Tires$1.05
9641/24Rubber Trailer Tires$1.05

Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
A1B1/25Fits Most Trucks$12.00
A2B1/25Kenworth Cabover & Conventional$12.00
A5B1/25R Series Mack$12.00
A6B1/25Revell Mercedes Benz$12.00
A7B1/25AMT Road Boss$12.00
A8B1/25AMT Peterbilt 359$12.00
A9B1/25AMT Ford LNT 8000$12.00
A10B1/25ERTL N10 Volvo$12.00
A11B1/25ERTL International 4300$12.00
A12B1/25AMT Mack Cruiseliner$12.00
A19B1/25Revell Peterbilt Conventional$12.00
A20B1/25AMT/ERTL Diamond Reo$12.00
A21B1/25Auslowe Kenworth C500T$12.00
A22B1/25Auslowe Kenworth T900, T950, C501$12.00
B2B1/25ERTL International S-Line$12.00
B4B1/25AMT/ERTL T600A$12.00
B5B1/25Revell T600$12.00
B6B1/25R Series Mack (tubed outer uprights)$12.00
B7B1/24Superliner (tubed outer uprights)$12.00
C1B1/24Fits Most Trucks$12.00
C2B1/24Italeri/Revell Western Star$12.00
C4B1/24Italeri F Series Volvo$12.00
C5B1/24Italeri Scania Cabover$12.00
C6B1/24Italeri Freightliner$12.00
C8B1/24Italeri/Revell Superliner$12.00
C9B1/24Italeri DAF Cabover$12.00
C10B1/24Italeri MAN Formula 6$12.00
C11B1/24Italeri Mercedes Benz$12.00
C12B1/24Italeri Iveco$12.00
C13B1/24Italeri MAN F90/F2000$12.00
C14B1/24Italeri/Revell Ford LTL 9000$12.00
C15B1/24Italeri Volvo FH Series$12.00
C16B1/24KFS Volvo FL10 Transkit$12.00
C17B1/24Auslowe Western Star 4864FX & Visibil$12.00
C18B1/24Auslowe Western Star 4964F Supertilt$12.00
C19B1/24Auslowe Western Star 4964FX$12.00
C20B1/24Auslowe Western Star 6964F$12.00
C25B1/24Italeri Peterbilt 378$12.00
C26B1/24Mercedes Actros$12.00
C27B1/24Scania 4 Series$12.00
D1B1/24Italeri Scania Conventional$13.50
D2B1/24Italeri Ford Aeromax 120$13.50
D3B1/24Revell Ford Aeromax$13.50
D4B1/24Italeri/Revell FLD Freightliner$13.50
D6B1/24Auslowe CH/CL Mack Conversion$13.50
D7B1/24Italeri Peterbuilt 377AE$13.50
E1B1/16Monogram Kenworth W900$15.00
E2B1/16Monogram Peterbilt$15.00
E3B1/16Monogram Kenworth W900 (gullwing style)$15.00

Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
A2S1/25Fits Cabover Kenworth$7.00
A2SA1/25Fits Conventional Kenworth$7.00
A5S1/25Fits R Series Mack$7.00
A6S1/25Fits Revell Mercedes Benz$7.00
A7S1/25Fits AMT Road Boss$7.00
A8S1/25Fits AMT Peterbilt$7.00
A9S1/25Fits AMT Ford LNT 8000$7.00
A10S1/25Fits ERTL Volvo N10$7.00
A11S1/25Fits ERTL International 4300$7.00
A12S1/25Fits AMT Mack Cruiseliner$7.00
A19S1/25Fits Revell Peterbilt 359$7.00
A20S1/25Fits Diamond Reo$7.00
B2S1/25Fits ERTL International S-Line$7.00
B4S1/25Fits AMT/ERTL Kenworth T600A$7.00
B5S1/25Fits Revell Kenworth T600$7.00
C2S1/24Fits Italeri/Revell/Auslowe Western Star$7.00
C4S1/24Fits Volvo F Series$7.00
C5S1/24Fits Italeri Scania Cabover$7.00
C6S1/24Fits Italeri Freightliner$7.00
C8S1/24Fits Italeri/Revell Superliner$7.00
C9S1/24Fits Italeri DAF Cabover$7.00
C10S1/24Fits Italeri MAN Formular 6$7.00
C11S1/24Fits Italeri Mercedes Benz$7.00
C12S1/24Fits Italeri Iveco$7.00
C13S1/24Fits Italeri MAN F90/F2000$7.00
C14S1/24Fits Italeri/Revell Ford LTL Aeromax$7.00
C15S1/24Fits Italeri Volvo FH Series$7.00
C26S1/24Fits Mercedes Actros$7.00
C27S1/24Fits Scania 4 Series$7.00
D1S1/24Fits Italeri Scania Conventional$7.00
D7S1/24Fits Italeri Peterbilt 377AE/378$7.00

Aluminium Mudguards
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
MG11/32Half Moon (set of four)$7.50
MG11/25Half Moon$9.50
MG11/24Half Moon$9.50
MG11/16Half Moon$13.00

Tail Light Brackets
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
TLB11/32Left & Right$3.50
TLB21/25Left & Right$3.50
TLB31/24Left & Right$3.50
TLB41/16Left & Right$4.00

Bug Deflectors
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
BD11/25-24Type A 40mm Wide$2.50
BD21/25-24Type A 45mm Wide$2.50
BD31/25-24Type A 50mm Wide$2.50
BD41/25-24Type A 55mm Wide$2.50
BD51/25-24Type A 60mm Wide$2.50
BD61/25-24Type B 40mm Wide$2.50
BD71/25-24Type B 45mm Wide$2.50
BD81/25-24Type B 50mm Wide$2.50
BD91/16Type B 70mm Wide$2.50
BD101/25-24Type C 15mm Long$3.50
BD111/25-24Type C 20mm Long$2.50
BD121/16Type C 24mm Long$2.50
BD131/16Type C 30mm Long$3.50
BD141/25-24Type D 15mm Long$3.50
BD151/25-24Type D 20mm Long$3.50

Note on Bug Beflectors: Specify colour when ordering.
Clear, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. If unsure of correct width,
note the kit type down and the correct size will be sent.

R Series Mack AirCleaner Brackets
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
MAB11/25-24Left Side$3.00
MAB21/25-24Right Side$3.00

Cab Fairings
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
CF11/25-2460mm High$8.00
CF21/25-2468mm High$8.00
CF31/25-2476mm High$8.00
CF41/25-2484mm High$8.00

Resin Parts
Aircleaners & Accessories
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
AC11/25-24Cyclopac 14 inch Aircleaner (pair)$3.50
AC21/25-24Cyclopac 16 inch Aircleaner (pair)$3.50
AC31/25-24Donaldson Bowl Aircleaner Top$3.50
RT11/24Western Star Ram Tubes (pair)$1.50
RT21/25General Use Ram Tubes (pair)$1.50
RT31/16Ram Tubes$3.00
RT41/24General Use Ram Tubes (pair)$1.50
RT51/25Ford LNT 8000 Aircleaner Scoop$2.50
RT61/24Ford LTL 9000 Aircleaner Scoops (pair)$4.50

Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
SV11/25R Series Mack (old style)$4.00
SV21/25R Series Mack (new style)$4.00
SV31/25White Road Boss/Diamond Reo/Autocar etc.$4.00
SV41/25Volvo N10$4.00
SV51/25Ford LNT 8000$4.00
SV61/24MAN F90$4.00
SV71/25B Model Mack$4.00

Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
HL11/25Rectangular Surround & Seperate Lenses$3.00
HL21/25-24Rectangular Headlight Lens 10x7mm (pair)$1.40
HL31/25-24Round Headlight Lens 6mm dia. (4)$1.40
HL41/25-24Round Headlight Lens 7mm dia. (4)$1.40
HL51/25-24Round Headlight Lens 8mm dia. (4)$1.40
HL61/25-24Round Headlight Lens 5mm dia. (4)$1.40
BL11/25-24Bull Lighs Clear Lens (pair) 8mm dia.$2.20
BL21/25-24Bull Lights Yellow Lens (pair) 8mm dia.$2.20
BL31/25-24Bull Lights Orange Lens (pair) 8mm dia.$2.20
BL41/25-24Bull Lights Red Lens (pair) 8mm dia.$2.20
BL51/25-24Bull Lights Clear Lens (pair) 10mm dia.$2.20
BL61/25-24Bull Lights Yellow Lens (pair) 10mm dia.$2.20
BL71/25-24Bull Lights Orange Lens (pair) 10mm dia.$2.20
BL81/25-24Bull Lights Red Lens (pair) 10mm dia.$2.20
TL11/25-24Tail Lights Clear (pair)$1.30
TL21/25-24Tail Lights Red (pair)$1.30
TL31/25-24Tail Lights Orange (pair)$1.30
ML11/25Modern Style Cab Marker Lights (5)$2.20
ML21/24Modern Cab Marker Lights (5 Orange Lenses)$3.20
ML31/24As Above with 2 Orange & 2 Clear Lenses$3.20

Mack Parts
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
MB11/25-24Mack Bulldog & Badge Set$4.50
MB21/25-24R Mack Aircleaner (Australian Style)$2.00
MB31/25B Model Fuel Tanks, Steps & Mounts (pair)$8.50
MB41/25-24Hubcaps DM600/800 Style$1.50
MB71/25B Model Dash$3.50
MB81/25B Model Radiator$2.50

Hub Caps
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
HC21/24Drive & Steer set of 6$2.20
HC31/24Drive & Steer Ford set of 6$2.20
HC41/25Drive & Steer set of 6$2.20

Bolt On Wheel Arch Flares
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
F11/24Western Star$3.20
F21/25W Model Kenworth$3.20
F31/25T600 & T600A Kenworth$3.20
F41/24Italeri/Revell Superliner$3.20
F51/25R Series Mack/V8 Valueliner$3.20
F61/256 Cylinder Valueliner$3.20
F71/24Cabover Scania 142/Topline$3.20
F81/24Conventional Scania$3.20
F91/24Ford LTL 9000$3.20
F101/24Ford Aeromax 120$3.20
F111/24Ford Aeromax 106$3.20
F121/25Ford LNT 8000$3.20
F131/25Peterbilt 359$3.20
F141/24Auslowe CH/CL Mack$3.20
F151/24Peterbilt 377$3.20
F161/24FLD Freightliner$3.20

Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
AT11/25-2410mm dia. x 23mm long$1.30
AT21/25-24Mack Airstart Tank 28mm + mounts & straps$3.50
AT31/25-24Mack Airstart Tank 23mm + mounts & straps$3.50

Fuel Tank Accessories
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
FT11/25-24Mounts suit 25mm Tank (pair)$1.50
FT1A1/25-24Mounts suit 27mm Tank (pair)$1.50
FT21/25-24Caps (pair)$0.50
FT31/16Caps (pair)$0.50
FT41/25-24Ends suit 25mm dia. Tanks (pair)$1.20
FT4A1/25-24Ends suit 27mm dia. Tanks (pair)$1.20
FT51/25-24Steps 2 Bottom 2 Top 38mm Long$2.20
FT61/25-24Steps 2 Bottom 2 Top 43mm Long$2.50
FT71/25-24Steps 2 Bottom 2 Top 48mm Long$2.50
FT81/25-24Steps 2 Bottom 2 Top 53mm Long$3.20
FT91/25-24Steps 2 Bottom 2 Top 61mm Long$3.20

Fuel Tank Kits
inc. Tank, Mounts, Caps & Straps (pair)
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
FTK11/2538mm Long$5.00
FTK21/2543mm Long$5.00
FTK31/2548mm Long$5.20
FTK41/2553mm Long$5.20
FTK4A1/2561mm Long$6.00
FTK101/2438mm Long$4.70
FTK111/2443mm Long$4.70
FTK121/2448mm Long$5.20
FTK131/2453mm Long$5.20
FTK141/2461mm Long$6.00

Fuel Tank Kits same as previous, but inc Steps
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
FTK51/2538mm Long$5.50
FTK61/2543mm Long$5.50
FTK71/2548mm Long$6.50
FTK81/2553mm Long$6.50
FTK91/2561mm Long$7.20
FTK151/2438mm Long$5.50
FTK161/2443mm Long$5.50
FTK171/2448mm Long$6.50
FTK181/2453mm Long$6.50
FTK191/2461mm Long$7.20
NewItemPhotoetched Fuel Tank Steps, 4 Steps + Catwalk$10.00

Right Hand Drive Dashes
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
D11/24Ford LTL/Aeromax + Seperate Firewall$5.00
D31/24Italeri/Revell Superliner$5.00
D41/24Western Star$5.00
D51/24Freightliner FLD * Standard Conventional$5.00
D61/25Diamond Reo$5.00
D71/25W900 Kenworth$5.00
D81/25Peterbilt 359$5.00
D91/24Peterbilt 377AE/378$5.00

Day Cab Panels
Code #.Scale.Description.Price.
P11/24Italeri/Revell Superliner$5.00
P21/24Western Star$5.00
P31/24Ford LTL/Aeromax$5.00
P41/24Kenworth W900$5.00
P51/24Freightliner FLD & Standard Conventional$5.00
P61/24Peterbilt 377AE/378$5.00

This is only a small section of accessories that are available.
If there is something specific that you require you just need to send us an e-mail (link on the contact pages) and we will tell you if it is available.

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