Our club meets every Monday 7pm to 10:30pm at
Collegians Rugby League Football Club, 3A Charlotte St, Wollongong Google map; and every Friday 1pm to 5pm at
Collegians Rugby League Football Club, cnr Balgownie Rd & Napier St, Balgownie Google map.

Newcomers are welcome.

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Join in the live game We lost our first consensus game to Quackle. This is an experimental concept designed for us to share our thoughts during a live Scrabble game against the toughest computer player that Quackle can muster. Check out our Move 12. You will find there some post-game analyses.

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Welcome to the Wollongong Order of Really Dedicated Scrabblers website.

We love meeting up with like-minded people to play the game we love and to swap stories. Tournaments are like family reunions. Of course, we all love to improve our Scrabble prowess so you might find some useful tips here on how you can become an expert Scrabble player. However, we've mainly built this website to share the sense of enjoyment that we Scrabblers derive from all the activities that surround tournament Scrabble. You'll experience the full gamut of human emotions here - from ecstasy to grief. Enjoy!

Latest News:

The Club Championships were held at Collegians on 21st January. The Open and Handicap competitions were run concurrently over 8 games, punctuated by us dining on sumptuous pizza from the downstairs restaurant at lunch. Rene operated her custom built spreadsheet containing generous handicaps to allow anyone the chance of winning the Handicap competition. However, by sheer coincidence, the same three people had a good day to emerged as the trophy winners in identical order - 1st: Graeme Lock Lee 2nd: Therese Nichols 3rd: Jeff Chelton. Rene remarked that maybe I'd been foxing over the previous 9 weeks when I couldn't get a top 3 place to save myself in any of our Monday tournaments! Therese confirmed her improved prowess yet again, while Jeff showed he's still got that useful word knowledge.

Congratulations to Rene for making the final 8 in B division of the NSW Matchplay tournament held on Saturday 4 March. Her next round opponent will be Denise Smith from the Central Coast.

The next tournament will be at nearby Bomaderry on 11 March where we will be sending a large contingent as usual. Their website page is now available thanks to Bob Jackman.

All scheduled tournaments may be viewed at http://scrabble.org.au/events/index.htm

Archived News Articles: View them here.

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Our favourite word game site is Word Buff

Our favourite television show is Letters and Numbers

Get the latest news about our W.O.R.D.S. club. Meet our members. Find out when and where we meet. Expect to see reports about our experiences in both local and National Scrabble tournaments. Check out our coaching tips for beginners and experts along with a selection of quirky Collins wordlists.

We believe our website is a little different to other Scrabble websites because we accentuate the less serious side of tournaments. We all play the game of Scrabble to have fun, so we'll try to immerse you in our love of words and our quirky sense of humour through stories and songs. Though we won't take ourselves too seriously, we do hope you'll be able to learn a few new words and strategies while browsing through our content.

It's your word against mine!