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Information on Facsimile Books

What is a Facsimile Volume?

A Facsimile Volume is a faithful re-creation of the original to the extent that it is virtually indistinguishable from the original copy.

The word "Facsimile" comes from the Latin ("fac simile") and means "make it the same!". According to the dictionary, it represents "the faithful rendition of originals, particularly of manuscripts, generally produced by a photographic process". This circumscription is too general and requires further definition when applying the term to a Fine Art Facsimile Volume.

The Fine Art Facsimile Volume - a Perfect Rendition of the Original

To produce a Fine Art Facsimile Volume, a unique combination of the latest electronic production processes and traditional methods still employed by highly skilled craftsmen is used. In this way, it is possible to produce a Fine Art Facsimile Volume of a priceless manuscript, one which is a faithful re-creation of the original in every respect. [Picture]

  1. The starting point is a manuscript from the middle ages, the sole original copy. The Fine Art Facsimile Volume produced using the original as the basis produces a unique piece of work that is a truly exclusive offer for the connoisseur.
  2. Each Fine Art Facsimile Volume is a faithful rendition of a unique original, handcrafted using both typographical and traditional methods. Faithful rendition means: [Picture] with all the subtle tones and differences of the various types of gold and silver found in the original (i.e. gold leaf, ormolu, painted gold, gold ink), either lustrous or matt, or finished with patina or with engravings.

    If faithful rendition is the target, no cost can be spared in achieving it. The work done by medieval artists must be analysed and re-created using the latest in technical as well as traditional methods. This means that each Fine Art Facsimile Volume can only be produced by adopting an individual approach relevant to the work involved.

  3. The Fine Art Facsimile Volume re-creates the present day condition of the original, [Picture] as well as its format and scope, unaltered - without adding, omitting or "improving" anything. Even the irregular edges of the individual pages match the original perfectly.
  4. Production of the Fine Art Facsimile Volume requires paper with the optimum surface for the sophisticated printing involved, but must also be a grade of paper which will match the original in terms of texture as well as quality.
  5. The handcrafted bindings are a re-creation of the original binding - but one which [Picture] does not go so far as to include any damage. However, fasteners, clasps and embossings are all faithfully re-created. In addition, the ribs and the type of leather used match the original.
  6. Limited editions and the corresponding numbering of each unique volume world-wide, are precisely specified. For the purchaser, this represents an additional measure of the superb value a Fine Art Facsimile Volume.

Commentary/Textual Volume - The Key to the Work

Each Fine Art Facsimile Volume is accompanied by a text volume, designed and written for scholars, connoisseurs and interested collectors. For our current generation, it is the stepping stone to a centuries old work. The handwritten text is reproduced in legible form, the pictures are described and the various aspects of the manuscript are thoroughly investigated. These text volumes are written by internationally acknowledged scholars and researchers for their areas of specialisation.

Active Conservation of Our Cultural Heritage

The result of years of intensive work, a Fine Art Facsimile Volume of this quality fulfils three objectives of vital cultural importance: the propagation of a work of art [Picture] previously only accessible to a limited number of people, the conservation of our cultural heritage should the original be lost as a result of circumstances beyond our control or decomposition due to age, as well as scientific research into the work.

Collectors of these Fine Art Facsimile Volumes make a vital contribution towards research and the conservation of culture in the world.

Art Galleries around the world have on display paintings produced by some of the greatest artists the world has seen. But some of the greatest art works ever produced are never seen. They are locked away in library vaults, only available to a very few. Now, with the production of these Facsimile Volumes, these art works are available for all to see.

The Facsimile Volumes presented by Finn's Fine Books cover a broad range of subjects. To view details of specific books simply select the item below: