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A Country Practice a hybrid soap / drama series not covered by this website was the standard guest shot for Australian soap opera actors through the 1980s and into the 1990s.

Crawford Productions official site includes cast lists, synopses, pictures and video clips from many of their productions, including The Box, Skyways and Carson's Law.

The E Street website includes character biographies, episode synopses, details of the music featured in the show, and plenty of great pictures. There is also a mailing list which you can join via email, or on-line.

Internet Movie Database features comprehensive cast lists and other information for many of the programs listed here. See what other productions your favourite soap stars have been involved with.

Jump the Shark website is a forum where TV fans discuss the point at which they believe the show started its decline in quality.

Michael C Smith, the one-time Shane Archer in The Restless Years and Paul Wells in Punishment, reveals his latest activities in this website.

National Film and Sound Archive holds many items in their archives including scripts, documentation, photographs, and film and video. Many items may be viewed on-line; films and videos may be viewed on site (for a fee).

Neighbours: The Perfect Blend gives the low-down on the serial that has provided ongoing employment for many of the actors, crew members, writers and directors from the classic Australian soap operas.

Number 96 website features casting and character information, pictures, and a synopsis for each of Number 96's 1,218 episodes.

Official Val Lehman Website features a biography of the Prisoner star, a message board, and memorabilia for sale.

Prisoner Cell Block H Online is packed full of Prisoner facts, trivia, multimedia, and DVD details.

Soap opera article in Wikipedia contains information on both international and Australian soap operas.

The Soap Show provides the latest news on current UK and Australian soap operas. It also features a regular column on Australian soap operas, and interviews with Australian soap opera actors.

Sons and Daughters website is a must-see site for anyone interested in Sons and Daughters. It includes episode guides, casting and character information, pictures and screen captures.

TV Eye - Classic Australian Television is a well-written, well-researched and detailed site about Australian television series (no soap operas!) of earlier decades. Includes plenty of behind-the-scenes information, some cast interviews (many that also refer to the actors' 1970s soap opera roles) and lots of great pictures.

Wentworth Web features lots of information about Prisoner novels, fan clubs, CDs, videos and some fascinating trivia.

Who's Who in Wentworth contains a dizzying amount of information about Prisoner with an extensive cast and characters database plus episode summaries, a well-stocked library, and other surprises.

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