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This is Jim’s greatest step forward in model making, using modern methods to design and draw plans etc. Some of these are now available to purchase on CD.

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To see a sample of his trains, click here. Or the roughs he uses to build his plans.

Below is a made up card model.

completed Card Model of plane

Over the past two years he has designed and proved the following scale models under Ladndad ©, that can be made in thin card, covering the following subjects, many of which he sells via CD. Here's a testimonial from one happy customer.

Hello Jim,

Received the four CDs today (19 SEP) in good order and I am most impressed and exceedingly happy.  Please keep me in mind as you complete new designs because I want them all!  LOL  Your designs seem to be just the right blend of detail and ease of construction – the kind of model one can actually build in a few days instead of a few months.  I am looking forward to more.


Ron Spencer


The models cover:




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