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Married in 1953, their first child, Lyn was born in 1955. She was followed by Sue, Ian, Neil & Keith.

In the 1970s two interests gained momentum – one Puppetry – Jim made the Puppets and Marjory and the 3 boys operated them at shopping centres throughout south-east Queensland under Panaroo Puppets, utilising Glove, Rod & Marionette Puppets. Jim and Marjory also performed for the Dept. of Main Roads, The Queensland Butter Board, Life Be in It over the years at the Royal National Show in Brisbane, and several specials on ABC TV, and for over a year weekly short programmes on Channel 7.

In the late 1980’s their interest in collecting dolls and toys organised a doll display at historic Newstead House for the Year of the Child, which developed into their opening Panaroos Playthings, Doll & Toy Museum in Windsor and inner suburb of Brisbane in 1980, and by the time it closed at the end of 1989, it had become the largest collection in Australia, specialising in Australian produced toys.
Marjory and Jim have always worked as a team, whether it be building their own home, making puppets, displaying dolls, building and decorating dolls houses and in their business of Doll Restoration and Repairs, which they closed in 2002.

For quite a number of years, Jim held many positions in the Scout Movement, and Marjory had her own Girl Guide (Scout) Group.
They now enjoy their retirement, following up their various hobbies. Both have written articles for magazine. Marjory has written 16 books on dolls and toys to date, and Jim enjoys drawing plans for many different hobby pursuits.

MARJORY FAINGES – Born in Geelong Victoria, Australia in 1933, Marjory moved from Geelong, continuing her secondary education in Wangaratta and also Coburg High School in Melbourne. There she won a scholarship to continue her education as a teacher, but her father’s work in the woollen industry brought him to Brisbane Queensland at the end of 1948. Because of the difference in education, Marjory did a commercial course, which led to her being employed as a Clerk/Typist in Brisbane, Lobethal (South Aust) and back again in 1952 when she joined IOR, where she rose to be in charge of their Medical Benefits Fund in an all female office.

The combination of curiosity, and providing for her growing family awakened her interest in dolls and toys, which led not only to being the curator owner of Panaroos Playthings, but also to becoming a researcher/historian on the subject of the Australian Toy Industry over the last 100 years, and particularly the commercial manufacture of dolls in Australia, which has led to her writing 16 books so far, and trips around the world, and to the USA where she has given slide shows, seminars, workshops etc.

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JIM FAINGES - Born in 1931 and educated in Brisbane Queensland, Australia, Jim started work at 15 as an apprentice in Habours’ Upholstery, his health demanded an outdoor job, so he held various positions as a house painter and decorator, before moving onto glazing, and becoming head of a section. After over 27 years as a Glazier, he changed occupations and moved to the Department of Main Roads in 1973 as a professional Model Maker. In this position he travelled to England in 1976 where he set up a display featuring nine dioramas he had designed and made, in the window of Queensland House in the Strand, London. Jim and Marjory then spent 6 weeks in a campervan travelling through Britains, Scotland, Wales and Europe. Jim retired in 1989 due to ill health.

In 1991, 1992 and 1993 he was invited to teach 1/12 scale dollhouse workshops, 60 miles outside Chicago, USA.

He now fills his busy days with his trains, clubs, and most of all designing card models – particularly aircraft under the heading of “Ladndad”

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