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Tianlea Cattery - Old Style Himalayans

About Himalayans

The creation of the "Himi", which is a Persian-type cat with a long flowing coat and a Siamese pattern, took years of selective breeding, for these two cat breeds are completely opposite: - the Persian is short, stocky and heavy boned, with long fur, whereas the Siamese is long, slim and fine boned with short fur.

A Swedish geneticist started the process in 1924 by crossing, Siamese, Birman and Persian cats. Then in 1935 an experimental breedersí club was started in Britain, but it was not until 1947 that the British breeding program really got underway.

Meanwhile, in the 1950ís, American breeders were attempting to produce a Persian with points, and they were responsible for the name "Himalayan", after the Himalayan rabbit, which has similar colouring. Himalayan Graphic

In England, recognition was achieved in 1955 and within three years a Colourpoint (as they were called in England) kitten won a prize for best longhaired kitten at the 1958 Kensington Kitten Show. But it was not until the 1960ís that cat associations in both countries recognized them as a breed.

The Himalayan is a very placid, good natured, affectionate and gentle cat of medium size with a short cobby appearance. Their voices are louder than that of a Persian, but quieter than those of their Siamese ancestors.

They are best kept indoors as they are not destructive and will happily lie around all day especially on any vacant lap or they just love to decorate the bed.