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The Himalayan and Colourpoint British Shorthair colour pattern is the same as the Siamese and consists of the majority of the body colour being lighter, while the mask(face) ears, legs, feet and tail (ie the points) are distinctly darker in colour.

There are over twenty different colours available in the points, the most common being seal and blue point. Other colours include chocolate, lilac, red, cream, tortoiseshell, blue/cream, chocolate torti, and lilac/cream, All of these colours come in tabby (or lynx) points as well.

The body colour has a criteria which has to corresponds with the point colour. Eg. A Seal point has a fawn body coat, whereas a Red point has a warm white body coat.

All kittens are born white or varying shades of cream, with the points starting to show at about two weeks of age. The mask pattern will not have the full characteristic diamond shape until six to eight months of age.

The Himalayan MUST always have blue eyes.

Chocolate and lilac points are my favourite colours, also the hardest to breed as chocolate is a recessive gene and only some cats carry this gene.

As I have already said, the British Shorthair come in many different colours and I am happy that my cattery has been able to expanded to include many of these colours.

The deep richness of the solid chocolate is my favourite, but I also delight in the distinctive beauty of the bi-colour cats, the softness of the silver tipped cats and the adoreable silver tabby and whites.

All solid British shorthair cats should have copper eyes with the exception of the tipped cats (silver gene) which should have eyes that are greenish in colour.

Feel free to contact me at my email address of ebunny@ozemail.com.au if you have any questions at all about either breed or the colourpoints and how they are obtained.