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Hello, my name is Fran Easter and I live at Anna Bay, which is a small coastal village in the lovely blue water Wonderland area of Port Stephens, just north of Newcastle, NSW. Australia.

My first encounter with the "Himi" came in 1985, when my daughter Natalie decided she wanted a kitten. Like all children she worked on me for some time, flashing these lovely pictures of fluffy kittens in the books she had, and it was not until this beautiful picture of a Seal Point Himalayan took my eye that I gave in and bought her a kitten. My prefix Tianlea is an anagram of Natalie as I blame her, although she maintains she just wanted a kitten, not a house full of cats.

So started my love of the Himalayan, who have the most loving of nature and just look for a lap to sit on, and one thing led to another and before I knew it, she had been studded to a lovely male Himalayan and babies began arriving.

I also discovered Tianlea means Lovely Lady in Chinese, a very apt description of the Himalayan.

In 1998, I saw the Colourpoint British Shorthair for the first time and fell in love with their lovely round open face and beautiful distinct point markings. So in 1999 I purchased a Lilac Point female and a Seal Point male, who are now producing beautiful babies. The British cattery with the prefix Nashanna has now expanded to include cats of many different colours as well as the very popular solid British Blue.

The British have a lovely friendly inquisitive nature and always have to be around you just to make sure you are doing the job properly.

The origin of the prefix "Nashanna" comes from the fact that I love country music and I live in Anna Bay - thus NASHville had come to ANNA bay. My first seal point British male was named "Sawyer Brown" after a favourite American country music band. All my kittens have country music names.

My kittens are all house reared with lots of love, country music and helping me with whatever craft Im working on at the time usually creative tapestry or some form of embroidery. They just just love it when I have a craft day and all those ladies arrive with baskets just meant to play in.

My Breeding Aims

When I purchased the first Himalayan in 1985, they had the longer nose, their fur was not as thick and they had beautiful deep blue eyes.

Then in the late 1980s it was decided to change the standard for the Himalayans to match in with the Persian standard, (to go along with the trends being set in America and Britain) for a flatter face, with a very short high nose. So the Persian was put over the Himalayan to gain the necessary look. However, by putting the copper eyed Persian over the Himalayan the lovely blue eye colour was lost almost completely and the double coat of the Persian was obtained.

For many years I went along with the changes that had been put in place, but since about 1995 an increasing number of requests from clients has been for the older style open face cat I used to breed.

In 1997 I decided to completely change what I was breeding, and go back to the older style Himalayan. I have kept kittens from the older queens I still had and these young cats have now formed the nucleus of the type of cat I am now enjoying breeding. My cats have the old style open round face with a slightly longer nose (alleviating the breathing problem and weeping eyes often associated with the flatter face). They have a much shorter coat, with less under body fur which is much easier to maintain, and the lovely blue eyes as my photo album will highlight.

With the British shorthair, I will continue to breed to the standard always trying to improve the type of cat, to ensure they will always have the lovely round "Teddy Bear" face, the beautiful heavy boning and the luxurious short dense coat.

You can contact me by telephone on 02 49821400 or email me at ebunny@ozemail.com.au for further information.