Hugo's 55th Anniversary Migration page

I am an Accountant and Tax Agent from Adelaide, South Australia. However I am of Dutch origin, born in Alkmaar.

4 Jan 2011.

I was born in Alkmaar in 1944 and then lived 5 years in Heiloo. My father came from Bergen (NH). From Heiloo we migrated on 25 October 1955 in the "Groote Beer" to Australia.

There was Mum (Ria)and Dad (Jan) and my brother Sjon (9 years), my sister Marlies (6 years) and I was 11 years. We arrived in Melbourne and travelled by train to Adelaide to begin our new life.

The 55th Anniversary of our arrival in Australia is on 26 Nov 2010.

Photos of Netherlands.

Inside out first floor rooms, Kennermerstraatweg, Alkmaar (1950)

Bicycling from Heiloo to Egmond to Bergen and home (1954)

At Alkmaar Deer Park (1954)

At the Westerlight Aged Care, in Alkmaar(1954)

My school photos.

St Adelbertus school, Alkmaar (1953)

St Adelbertus school, Alkmaar (1954)

Photos of Migrating in Groote Beer 1955.

Photo of family in Adelaide.

Family Photo Cross Road, Clarence Park (1957)

Photos of my trip back home after 49 years.

At our house in Kennermerstraatweg, Heiloo (2004)

Next to our house was the Cafe Hoebe owned by my Grandparents.

Exterior of house in Alkmaar after 49 years - we lived on first floor (see top family photo for interior)


The Heiloo Photo Page has been lost.


Bergen Nostalgia Page. Robert has also visited Bergen where my father was born, and took some nostalgic photos of the village.

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