The Heiloo Photo Page,

offered to Hugo by Radio MEBORA, made by Robert Meijer.

This is the present Heiloo, pictures were taken on March 10, 1996. Some time ago Hugo Schouten from Adelaide-Australia found our pages. He was born in Heiloo, north of Amsterdam and wanted some pic's of his youth. Well Hugo, here they are. Enjoy!

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Entering Heiloo, you drive along the "Kennemerstraatweg", the road Hugo lived on 'til about his 11th year

Suddenly you see some Heiloo nostalgia, right along the road. Just standing there.

Then..... you come to a crossroad. This is a look to the right there. Nice little village huh? Further, across the railway crossing, Hugo went to church in his youth.

At the crossroad used to be a taxi company. Now, one of Hugo's relatives does business in bicycles and motorcycles here.

Hugo's Grandfather had a nice little country hotel there. And... it's still there!

The place has been restored last year and is now good for another 100 years at least

In this house lived Hugo's neighbours. It's for sale!

On the other side of the road, there used to live a doctor. They always live in big houses. I wonder why?? When Hugo walked out of his house, this is what he looked at in his youth.

And (almost) finally, this used to be the house where Hugo spent the first 10 years of his youth. Nice place Hugo!

Finally, a present for Hugo and his Australian relatives. I went inside the house and look what came out. I believe it's Hugo's grandmother! And some other relatives. They greet you Hugo, you can imagine their surprised faces when I rang at grandmothers doorbell and told them my story. Great people! I was fortunate to have met them. Hope you like your nostalgic dutch page Hugo! I wonder what your face looks like now!

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