My  Funny Valentine

Photo by Andrew Davis Tucker 

Last updated   25th january 2013


Kristy Tancred

Rider D. Vierling

2010 Kristy and Rider returned to Australia from the U.S.A.  where they were professional dancers and ballet teachers for the previous 11 years.  Since their return, they have been guest teachers at

The National College of Dance,   Canberra Dance Development Centre,   Fiona Munroe Ballet & Dance School
and Amanda Bollinger Dance Academy.

2011 they were on the faculty of Queensland National Ballet, Ransley Dance Centre’

Amanda bollinger Dance Academy,  Anne Kingsford Academy of Dance
Fiona Munro Ballet & Dance School  &  Sheridans Dance Studio

Kristy & Rider now have their own ballet school in Newcastle
For details please visit the

Newcastle Ballet Theatre


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Kristy Tancred & Rider D Vierling - Pas de Deux Don Quixote
Dance Augusta 2010  

Photography by Bruce Boulineau