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“Fresh out of WAAPA, the Cabaret Showcases gave me my first real taste of performing solo on stage in Melbourne. I subsequently felt very encouraged and motivated to continue the ball rolling, and I used the Showcase as a springboard to then create a full solo show which I performed later that same year.

I remember vividly the process of putting it together, exploring new material and being encouraged to be bold and daring with my choices. I think it gave me a real appreciation for the art of cabaret and brought me into an exciting area of creative inspiration I hadn't had the guts to venture into. It gave me a lot of confidence. It was a thrilling experience, and I had an excellent time doing it.”

Alex Rathgeber has starred in The Drowsy Chaperone, An Officer and A Gentleman, Anything Goes and The Wizard of Oz.
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Doing the cabaret showcase with Mark & Melissa this year was absolutely a career highlight. It is terrifying not having a character or costume to hide behind like you do in a musical but this is also what made it the most fulfilling and exhilarating performing experience of my life! The pay off of getting to write, direct, produce and star in your own show is incomparable and I can't recommend it more highly. It was an incredible experience for me both professionally and personally.

Megan Hoult most recently performed in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Bang and The Hatpin.
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"Hey there! My name is Danielle O'Malley and I recently took part in one of Melissa Langton and Mark Jones's Cabaret Showcases. As a professional performer who has previously focused on musical theatre, the concept of writing and performing a cabaret was daunting, but is an extremely valuable skill to have in such an unreliable and inconsistent industry. Melissa and Mark guided us through all the steps of creating a cabaret, from work-shopping ideas and concepts, to song transpositions and arrangements, linking stories with music, lighting, sound, costumes and self-promotion. Their manner is nurturing and encouraging, and they were extremely generous with their time and knowledge.

I know have the skills and support to create my own work and am so proud of what they helped me achieve. With the Australian government cutting so much funding for the arts, we need inspiring and dedicated tutors such as Melissa and Mark more than ever before". 

Danielle O'Malley performed in Opera Australia's South Pacific and is currently performing in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
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“The Cabaret Showcase is a fantastic way to dip your foot into the pool of cabaret and solo performance. Internationally renowned artists providing mentoring and performance experience in a supportive and low-pressure environment is a brilliant way to start your career or try out new material and ideas.

Being able to focus my ideas into a shorter set - under the guidance of experienced and generous performers - without the associated worries of production and venue issues, I had a very positive first-time experience in the cabaret world and learned a lot about structuring a show, connecting to an intimate audience and the performance styles open to me.

Thankyou Cabaret Showcase!

Andrew Broadbent performed in The Addams Family & Pirates of Penzance and Once. He is currently performing in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
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“The Cabaret Showcases were a fantastic platform to perform and try out ideas in an encouraging and supportive environment. They are great fun and an amazing opportunity to make a start in a really exciting and professional set up. Melissa is an amazing mentor and I am a much more confident performer for my experience with the showcases”.

Emily Burke was the Runner Up on ABC’s Operatunity Oz and performs regularly with Opera Queensland.
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“I participated in The Cabaret Showcases in 2014 and it was the best performance experience I had had to date.
Working with Melissa and Mark was such a positive and rewarding experience.  Throughout the process I felt supported and encouraged the whole way. They both have a knack of guiding you to make the work the best it can be without shutting down you or your ideas. This experience saw me start to really grow in confidence not only in myself as a person but as a performer, it also helped me to find my voice and realise that I have a lot to say! Since it was such a rewarding experience I developed my showcase into an hour long one woman cabaret which I wrote, marketed, directed and performed myself in 2015. This is something I would not have had the confidence to do with out having the prior experience of Melissa and Mark’s showcase.

I teach singing privately and for Stage School Australia and am re-developing my show again to hopefully put on stage later this year. I can honestly say cabaret isn’t a path I ever thought I would do or could do but The Cabaret Showcase opened up a whole new journey for me and it’s something I can see myself doing forever.”

Megan Tiedemann has a Bachelor of Arts in Music Theatre from The University of Ballarat and is a Melbourne based performer and singing teacher.
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“Creating a show from the ground up can be overwhelming when you're starting out. I gained so much from working with Melissa Langton on a Cabaret Showcase as a young artist. I came to her with an idea for a show and she helped me with its structure, musical shape and blocking. Melissa is one of the most inspiring, creative and nurturing artists and mentors I know and working with her has had a big effect on me.’

Marcelle Knapp is an Australian actress and model and is also currently a popular Melbourne vocal coach.
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“As a Music Theatre performer I found the opportunity and concept of writing my own cabaret so rewarding. I can now say I have a fully staged, developed and practised one woman show ready to go! As part of The Cabaret Showcases, I got the opportunity to perform in a full theatre environment and also have my show professionally filmed! (I was able to use sections in my show reel).

Melissa's guidance through the initial script writing process and all the way through to the final run was exceptional. And Marks musical expertise was invaluable. As a team they both bring such a wealth of experience, mentoring your work and enabling you to create the best piece of cabaret.
I was really proud of my final performance, and recommend The Cabaret Showcases to any performer.”

Alexia May Brinsley is a regular cabaret performer in Melbourne.
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“As a performer who has participated twice in The Cabaret Showcases, I can attest to what a fabulous opportunity it is for a budding cabaret artist. Mark and Melissa not only guide and encourage the development of your show, through their practical direction and their own wealth of knowledge, but also they provide a platform to perform where previously this has not been possible for the up-and-coming artist.

The Cabaret Showcases grants each performer the chance to try out new material in a safe, supported environment, in a fabulous venue, without the burden of financial risk or having to commit to a full season. Debuting my cabaret Frankly Winehouse at The Cabaret Showcases last April allowed me the opportunity to test new material, under Mark & Melissa's guidance, before committing to a full run later on at The Butterfly Club for Melbourne Fringe, and a subsequent season in Perth for Fringe World Festival.

If it wasn't for the initial development of this show through the Showcase, I doubt I would have decided to pursue a full length season of the show, but having a previous run and being supported by industry professionals instilled in me the foundations to create an independent season.”

Ashleigh Kreveld
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“Mark Jones and Melissa Langton's 'Cabaret Showcases' are a wonderful initiative for up and coming and established performers alike. Mark and Melissa's 'no fuss' approach to the process of putting on a show is refreshing and exciting to be around. These professionals are honest and extremely generous with their time and expertise.

The Showcaes gave me an invaluable opportunity to test new material before it hit the main stage. Within the safe environment Mark and Melissa created, I was able to take the creative risks necessary to shift my work to the next level, all whilst allowing me the opportunity to perform to an audience and in a venue I may not have had the chance to so early in my career. 

Their work enriches the opportunities and experience of the performers they mentor, the audiences that support them as well as the greater cabaret and arts scene of our city. I'd have no hesitation in signing up again or recommending colleagues to this program.”

Stephen Valeri has gone on to perform his show in many festivals around Melbourne.
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“I first collaborated with Melissa and Mark as part of The Cabaret Showcases in 2014. Their unwavering support and guidance prompted me to extend my showcase piece into a full length show which I debuted at Chapel Off Chapel in 2015. There is absolutely no chance that an opportunity such as that would be given to an emerging artist without the help, generosity and expertise that Melissa and Mark provide.

Since then I have performed in John and Jen (Pursued by Bear, 2015) and the Victorian premiere of Dogfight (Doorstep Arts, 2016) and hope to premiere a new self devised piece in the coming 12 months (Again with the help of Melissa & Mark…they just don't know it yet!)

I cannot recommend The Cabaret Showcases enough and wholeheartedly attribute it to being the catalyst that got me to where I am as a performer today.”

Jaclyn De Vincentis performed John and Jen and Dogfight.