Melissa Langton

Performance Reviews

"Remarkable and rivetting talent, totally bowled me over"
The New York Cabaret Hotline.

A commanding presence"

The Australian
(How To Kill Your Husband)

“Melissa Langton gives a gutsy performance as Carmen Bernstein. It is a wonderful treat to see this regular supporting actor take a turn at a leading role. Langton owns every minute of her time on stage. Her ballsy ‘It’s A Business’ is one of the most rousing anthems of the night.”
Theatre people

"Langton breathes originality into her buxom character, and endearingly communicates emotional nuance in song and action."

The Melbourne Arts Hub

"I didn't think I could love Langton more, she brings her brilliant theatricality to the stage and delights herself in shocking her audience into hysterics."

"A force to be reckoned with"

Theatre People.

"Her pipes will blow you away"
The Age (Sugar)

"Vocal gymnastics
that is alternatively
hilarious and brilliant"

The Adelaide Advertiser

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The Production Company
The Victorian Arts Centre
Role - Carmen Bernstein
Stacks Image 2469
City of Angels
The Playhouse
Role - Angel City Four
Into The Woods
The Victorian Opera
The Playhouse
Role - Jack’s Mother
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Thomas and the Hidden Treasure
World Tour
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Stacks Image 2584
Side by Side by Sondheim
Theatre Royal, Sydney
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How To Kill Your Husband
Written by Alan John & Tim Daly
Novel by Kathy Lette

Malthouse Theatre
Victorian Opera
Conductor - Richard Gill
Director - Naomi Edwards

Tobias Cole, Christa Hughes, Jocelyn Hickey, Melissa Langton, Benjamin Namdarian, Dimity Shepherd & Matthew Snooks
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2010 Strange Bedfellows
Written by Dean Murphy, John Stephens & John Foreman.

Director - Roger Hodgman Musical Director - Kellie Dickerson
Choreography - Dana Joly
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2010 Sugar
The Production Company
Director - Adam Cook
Musical Director - George Ellis.
Choreographer - Chris Horsey.
Role - Sweet Sue
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2010 The Threepenny Opera
Malthouse Theatre/Victorian Opera

Conductor - Richard Gill
Director - Michael Kantor

Cast - Casey Bennetto, Paul Capsis, Judi Connelli, Jolyon James, Melissa Langton, Amy Lephamer, Anna O'Byrne, Eddie Perfect, Dimity Shepherd, Grant Smith and John Xintavelonos.
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2009 Crazy For You
The Production Company
Role - Patricia Fodor
Stacks Image 2877
2008 Damn Yankees
The Production Company
Role - Gloria Thorpe
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Stacks Image 2885
2008 Follies
The Production Company
Role - Stella Deems
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2006/7 We Will Rock You
Japan Tour
Role - Killer Queen
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2006 Eurobeat
Glynn Nicholas Productions
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2004 Carousel
The Production Company
Role - Nettie Fowler
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2004 The Butterfly Club
Stacks Image 3059
2005 Chapel off Chapel
2005 Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Stacks Image 3099
2004 - After The Beep
Written by Craig Christie and Mark Jones
Chapel off Chapel
Stacks Image 3104
2003 - Marry Me A Little
Chapel off Chapel
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2009 Adelaide CabFest
20011 Australian Tour
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2001 Don't Tell Mama's
2002 Chapel off Chapel
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1998 - 2012
The Fabulous Singlettes

The Bar Jeder Vernunft - Berlin, Tipi Zelt am Kanzleramt - Berlin, The Metropole - Vienna, Fliegende Bauten - Hamburg, Sydney Harbour, The Melbourne Comedy Festival, The Melbourne Grand Prix, The Sydney Olympics, The Adelaide Cabaret Festival.
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1994/95 Pirates
Australian and
New Zealand Tour
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1997 Pinafore
Australian Tour
View on YouTube
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Stacks Image 3381
1995 Mikado
Australian Tour
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1999 Les Miserables
Australian and New Zealand Tour
Stacks Image 3426
1992 Jesus Christ Superstar
Australian Tour