WEATHERWATCH- Rural Weather Services

WEATHERWATCH (Aust) offers a range of weather forecasting and information services geared to the special needs and specific requirements of the rural clients
These include:


This has been developed to meet the specific requirements of Primary Producers or anyone who could gain commercially from

which are geared especially to their individual needs and specifically referring to their region of interest and to the meteorological variables that are important to their particular operation.
A feature of this service is the emphasis on individual contact between the client and our forecasters, which provides the flexibility of satisfying weather queries on the spot, when variations in temperature, rainfall, wind etc could be of critical economic importance to your operation.
By arrangement, a special watch can be kept on developments that could cause you problems (such as advance notice of frost, cold, wet weather etc) and you can be advised as early as possible of sudden or unexpected changes.

The main feature of this service is the provision of monthly & seasonal assessment for your area, sent to you around the 2nd week of each month. They include analysis of the likely weather developments in the coming 4-6 weeks, mindful of your special needs, as well as a broader assessment of the way the following 2 to 9 months are shaping up. Probability forecasts allow you to make the final judgement.


These forecasts are designed for clients who require regular weather information at critical times during the year. They include


Weatherwatch also offers a full range of commercially oriented outlooks, site locations advice, meteorological information & expert testimony & assessments for legal and insurance purposes.

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