Bike Rides In The Shire

The "Shire" consists of two large natural areas - Royal National Park ("Nasho") and Heathcote National Park. Both these areas offer some good cycling opportunities. Note - that cycling is not permitted on certain of the walking tracks within the national parks. Most of these ride are best suited to mountain bikes

A lot of the rides described here are very short and can be combined together to form longer trips. Many of these can be undertaken during the early evening in summer when daylight saving is in operation.

1. Loftus Oval to Royal National Park Visitor Centre

A short loop type ride with one steep uphill section and some scenic views.

From Loftus Oval cross the railway line behind the oval and pick up the start of the numerous singletracks that exist here. There is a maze of singletracks in this area - and they provide a good opportunity to practise ones skills. It is worth spending half an hour or so exploring these. Also - there is a fire road that goes down a slight hill towards the highway (at the Sutherland Bypass) and waterbars on this provide one with a good opportunity in "taking air".

After the fun - pick up the fairly good fire road that goes down to Temptation Creek. Follow this down a steep hill, cross the rocky ford at the bottom and then climb up a short steep hill. Loose rocks can make this a bit tricky - but you should be able to ride all the way without getting off your bike. On top - the road is level and is easy to follow past a couple of turnoffs to Grays Point to the Royal National Park Visitor Centre. On the way you can enjoy the views at Bungoona Lookout.

From the visitor centre - there are a number of options:

Further rides - to be completed:

2. Lady Carrington Drive

3. Loftus to Heathcote

4. Wises Track

5. Audley to Bundeena

6. Eagle Rock

7. Little Marley

8. Waterfall to Audley via the Rock Garden

9. Waterfall to Audley via Uloola Falls

10. Waterfall to Lady Carrington Drive via The Rock Garden

11. Waterfall to Mt Westmacott

This is a short but pleasant trail - technical in places (but easy)

From Waterfall Station - turn west and cross the highway and continue west until you reach a T intersection. Turn right (north) and go down a hill to the end of the road. At a turning circle - you will pick up the start of the fire road to Mt Westmatcott. Follow it steeply down a hill, cross a barrier and continue to a creek.

Cross the creek and continue up the hill on the other side. The road is rocky in places. It winds around the side of Mt Westmacott and then descends steeply to cross Heathcote Creek once again. Continue until you reach the old Princess Highway. From the highway you may want to continue about 1km south and then do ride 12.

12. Waterfall to Engadine via Woranora Dam and the Pipeline Access Road

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