The Cooks River Cycleway

(Text and maps from RTA Leaflet - 1994, Text modified (updated) slightly)

Branching off the Parramatta Valley Cycleway at Waterview Street, Ryde, the cycleway starts at Settlers Park. It then crosses the Parramatta River via the path on the eastern side of the Ryde Bridge and then cuts back under the southern end of the bridge at Llewellyn Street, Rhodes.

Emerging on the western side of the bridge, you progress to the laneway leading to Leeds Street, which you then follow either on or off road (depending on traffic conditions) under the railway bridge to Walker Street, Rhodes.

Walker Street is traversed either on or off road (depending on traffic conditions) past the Rhodes Railway Station and onto the path along the western side of the railway line. Enter a section of road once known as Alfred Street. Follow Alfred Street and turn right into Oulton Avenue. Follow Oulton Avenue past its on/off ramp access to Homebush Bay Drive and turn left into the Bicentennial Park.

The cycleway continues through Bicentennial Park to the Victoria Avenue gates. While in the park, take time to explore and enjoy its many attractions, including developments at the Sydney 2000 Olympics site. Follow the path on the northern side of Victoria Avenue under Homebush Bay Drive and cross Victoria Avenue on the eastern side of Homebush Bay Drive into Powells Creek Reserve. Follow the path past the sporting fields to the tennis courts. Cross over Powells Creek Canal via the bridge and follow the path along the western side of Powells Creek to Pomeroy Street, Homebush.

Turn right at Pomeroy Street and stay on the path along the northern side of Pomeroy Street to Underwood Road. Cross Underwood Road at the traffic signals. Follow Pomeroy Street and cross the M4 via the pedestrian/cycle overpass. Turn left into Park Road and then right into Hillcrest Road. Follow Hillcrest Road to Parramatta Road.

Cross Parramatta Road at the traffic signals at Bridge Road and then follow Bridge Road over the railway line and turn right into The Crescent, Homebush.

During peak periods, the intersection of Bridge Road and The Crescent can become busy and requires extra caution by cyclists. Cyclists who do not normally ride in heavy traffic are advised to dismount before they reach the railway bridge and walk their bicycles across the pedestrian facilities provided in this area.

Follow The Crescent to Bates Street where you leave the road to access the path through Airey Park, and cross Fraser Street to Melville Reserve. Ride through Melville Reserve and then turn left into Hampstead Road, Strathfield West. Turn right into Artbur Street and then left into Mitchell Road. Take extra care when crossing Arthur Street. Follow Mitchell Road to its end past Karuah Street and onto the path along the eastern side of Centenary Drive. Follow the path, turn left at the access to Barker Street/Newton Road and proceed along Newton Road across Pemberton Street. Turn right into Melville Avenue and follow to Ada Avenue. At Ada Avenue join the off-road path through Freshwater Park, Stratlifield. Cross Hedges Avenue via Augusta Street and rejoin the off-road path at Chain of Ponds Reserve.

The route now follows the banks of the Cooks River and passes under the Hume Highway and Water Street and through Ford Park to Maria Street. Cross Maria Street and enter the car park for the tennis courts. Pass through the car park and rejoin the off-road path, continue along it and under Punchbowl Road. Follow the path to a short on-road section along Walsh Avenue and then on through Whiddon Reserve and across Lees Avenue to Brown Reserve, through Flockhart Park and across Burwood Road to Sando Park. Follow the path through Sando Park and Rosedale Park to Hampton Street.

Turn left into Hampton Street and tben right into Wentworth Street. Follow Wentworth Street to the end and then turn right into Brighton Avenue. (Take extra care when crossing Brighton Avenue.) - Or you pass closer to the River - on the south side of Picken Oval (dirt).

After crossing Brighton Avenue the cycleway continues through Croydon Park and Lees Park and then along behind Canterbury Racecourse to emerge for a short on-road section along Charles Street, Canterbury. Rejoin the off-road cycleway at the Tasker Park footbridge and continue along the northern side of the Cooks River passing beneath Canterbury Road. There is no passing or overtaking room beneath Canterbury Road and this short section can only be traversed single file. Continue along the path through Ewen Park to the Lang Road pedestrian/cycle bridge.

Turn right and cross over the Cooks River into Lang Road and then proceed across Wardell Road into Beaman Park. Follow the path along the southern side of the river to Illawarra Road, Undercliffe. Cross Illawarra Road and you now have a choice of two routes. You can follow the path on the southern side through Wanstead Avenue Reserve and Gough Whitlam Park to Bayview Avenue. Then cross Bayview Avenue and turn left and then cross Unwins Bridge via the path and turn right into the Tempe Railway Station car park. Or - cross the Bridge at Illawarra Road and follow the path on the northern side to Tempe Station. Continue through to the end of the car park and join the path. Follow the path under the railway line into Kendrick Park, Tempe.