Canyoning Safety

Photo - Bob Sault with a complete set of equipment for canyoning

Photo - A three metre flash flood in Wollangambe Canyon - this is the first pool of the "tourist section" where most people normally blow up their lilos and start paddling through the first pool. Viewed from the north side - we could not cross back to the south side for a few hours.

Above - flash flood in Bungleboori Creek (North Branch). The water rose 3-4 metres in a matter of about 10 minutes. The waterfall coming into the canyon is one of many that started up every 20m or so along the side of the canyon.

Above - Hail in Rocky Creek. Beware - Hail storms are relatively common in the Blue Mountains and can cause considerable waterlevel rises in a short period of time. Photo coutesy of Craig and Mandy Flynn.

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