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Macs in Science Teaching

Visit here for a copy of a paper I wrote for a 1996 conference held at the University of Sydney about possibilities of using the Macintsoh computer in science teaching.

Science HyperCard Stacks

All Stacks designed and scripted by David Noble These stacks need HyperCard application or HyperCard player to work. To expand and to de - binhex the files you will need Stuffit Expander. This can be readily downloaded from Macintosh web sites. Click here for one example., Click here to download HyperCard Player 2.3 (1462 K). Note that Hypercard only runs under Mac OS9. This can run on older Macintosh computers using "Classic" on OSX. Classic will not run on newer Macintosh computers.
I would like all people that download any of my stacks to Email me

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