Wollangambe Wilderness Traverse - 16 - 19 Apr 1976 (Easter)

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Tom Williams, Eric Williams, Gordon Thompson (The General), Adrian Stanborough, Dave Noble and others from SBC

We had planned to walk from near Bell to the Putty Rd - but this proved to be too ambitious for an exploratory walk in 4 days. We got as far as Black Cliff Ck - found the going slow - and headed back to the Natural Bridge on the Mt Cameron Track - then walked a fair way to Bell from there before gatting a lift.

Above - some of the party on the ridge north of Dumbano Ck - ?, ? Eric, The General, Tom

Above - Looking into Bungleboori Ck - South Branch

Above - Looking into Bungleboori Ck - South Branch

Above - we entered the south branch via a small canyon that we called "Arthurs Canyon" - it flowed from a complex ridge system that we had called "The Northern Arthurs" on a previous trip to Dumbano Canyon

Above - abseiling in the canyon

Above - in Bungleboori Ck - South Branch

Above - climbing out - a short way downstream

Above - looking into Bungleboori Ck - North Branch. We crossde the creek near here. - very close to what is now called "Crikey Canyon"

Above - looking upstream

Above - getting close to the the creek

Above - steep country - we had to do some interesting srambling to get down

Above - view from the pass out

Above - on the ridge - heading now to Black Cliff Ck

Above - looking into Black Cliff Ck

We found the going too slow in Black Cliff Ck - so decided to reterat to the west. We climbed out then had to cross Sandy Cave Ck

Above - Sandy Cave Ck

Above - we crossed Sandy Cave Ck just below a section of canyon

Above - Adrian on a tree pass getting out

Above - climbing out

Above - looking down Sandy Cave Ck

We then headed to the Yah Hut in Nayook Ck and walked to the Natural Bridge on the Cameron Track

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