Wollangambe Canyon 1973

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Mt Wilson - Wollangambe Creek - Mt Wilson

Party - Geoff Francis, Gordon Bateman, friend of Geoff's , Dave Noble. The trip ws organised by Geoff Francis for the Springwood Bushwalking Club.

Above - In Wollangambe Creek - at the bottom of the tourist track

Above - inflating lilos

Above - in the canyon

Above - in the canyon

Above - in the canyon - note the water was badly polluted due to run-off from sand mines in the catchment area upstream. This was common in the mid 70's.

We camped at what is now the end the "Tourist section" of Wollangambe Canyon. We slept on the lilos in a small camp cave. Then we pioneered a pass out back to Mt Wilson. In those days there were no exit tracks.

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