Wolgan Walk - 1974

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Ted Daniels, Tom Sinclair, Alex Preema, Dave Kelly, Joe Mack, John Alexander, Vince Murtagh, Tom Williams and Dave Noble.

The walk was led by Ted Daniels for the National Parks Association.

Route - Galah Mountain - ridge north to Rocky Ck, Rocky Ck, Wolgan River, Annie Rowan Ck, Inverse Canyon, Mt Cameron Track

Above - Looking down into what is now known as Heart Attack Canyon

Above - some of the party - Vince, Dave K, Alex, Ted, Joe and Tom W bending down.

Above - Rocky Creek - confined below two sets of cliffs

Above - Rocky Ck

Above - Looking up Rocky Ck

Above - Looking down into the slot of Heart Attack Canyon

Above - Looking down into the slot of Heart Attack Canyon

Above - near the end of our ridge. Ted knew of a pass down off the end. I later called the ridge "Daniels Ridge"

Above - Lower Rocky Creek before it joins Deanes Creek and the Wolgan River

Our pass was steep but fine. We then walked down Rocky Creek to the Wolgan and down the Wolgan to Annie Rowan Creek to camp

Above - camp at Annie Rowan Creek

Above - camp at Annie Rowan Creek - a magnificent place under towering cliffs

Above - we climbed up into a small creek - and it turned into a canyon. We were able to climb all the way through it. We named it "Inverse Canyon"

Above - canyon formation

Above - pack passing up a waterfall

Above - Alex in the canyon

Above - in the canyon

Above - when we climbed out we had fine views of the Wolgan

Above - Looking towards branches of Annie Rowan Creek

Above - Looking towards Bull Ring and Annie Rowan Creeks

Above -  Looking down the Wolgan Valley

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