Upper Widden Brook - 1975

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Nullo Mtn - Upper Widden Brook - Razorback Ck - back along the ridge to Nullo Mt

Party - Chris Cosgrove, Stuart Graham, Col Mathers, Meg Shirlow, ?, and Dave Noble

Above - view from above the junction of Razorback and Widden Brooks

Above - Looking down Widden Brook

Above - The razorback

Above - pinnacle

Above - Razorback Ck

Above - Chris above Razorback Ck

Above - ? and Stuart

Above - Rugged country above Razorback Ck

Above - Col on the ridge

Above - Looking into Upper Widden Brook - Stuart, Col, Chris and Meg

Above - Upper Widden Brook

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