Munyang Power Station - Whites River Walk - 31 Jul - 1 Aug 1976

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Karl Bossard (Weed), Peter Vanamois (Moose), Glen Nash, Dave Adams, Ted Hartley, Dave Noble

I was heading to Tasmania soon for a winter trip - and I had never camped in snow before - so I thought it good to head down with some of the club's ski-tourers (Weed and Moose) to test equipment etc. Some guys from Mount Druit Bushwalking Club joined us.

Above - on the road

Above - at Whites River Hut

Above - The skiers

Above - Moose and Weed

Above - Looking down the valley

Above - Dave A and Glen

Above - Glen

Above - Dave N

Above - Dave A and Glen

Above - plodding up the hill

Above - Glen playing in the snow

Above - Dave A

Above - Glen builds a snow cave

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