Blue Breaks Walk - August 1974

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Katoomba - Narrow Neck - Medlow Gap - Kowmung River - Mt Cookem - Scotts Main Range - Butchers Creek - Green Wattle Creek - Lacys Tablelnd - Bimlow Tableland - Lacys Ck North Canyon - Lacys Creek - Maxwells Broken Rock - Tonalli Tableland - Tonalli Peak - Tonalli River - Wollondilly River - Beloon Pass- Natai River - Picton

Party - Peter Young and Dave Noble

Day 1 - Katoomba to Clear Hill, Narrow Neck

Day 2 - Narrow Neck to Butchers Ck

Above - Peter checking out one of the Catholic Bushies huts at New Yards Range

Above - on Scotts Main Range

Day 3 - Butchers Ck to cliffs under Lacys Tableland

Above - camp in Butchers Ck

Above - on the way to Green Wattle Ck

Above - we climbed up this ridge- then sidled to the gully on the left. We hoped this would be a pass to the tops.

Above - Unfortunately we found ourselves at this waterfall

Above - we tried to find a way up on ledges - but to no avail

Day 4 - Cliffs under Lacys Tableland to Lacys Creek North Canyon

Above - After camping near the waterfall in a cave , the n next morning we head back to the point, keep sidling and find an easy pass not too far along the cliffs. Here we are looking towards Vengeance Peninsula.

Above - Dave on top looking towards Medlow Gap and Katoomba

Above - Peter on the hill that marks the border between Lacys and Bimlow Tablelands

Above - Looking into Lacys Creek North Canyon

Above - in Lacys Creek North Canyon

Day 5 - Lacys Creek North Canyon to Maxwells Broken Rock

At the junction with the South Canyon

Above - Looking back up the North Canyon

Above - Lacys Creek

Above - Lacys Creek

We climbed up onto Tonalli Tablelands and camped

Day 6 - Maxwells Broken Rock to Bob Higgins Creek

Above - Looking towards Bimlow Peak at dawn

Above - Looking towards Bimlow Peak

Above - Looking at Bimlow Tableland

Above - Looking at the Frowner

Above - Bimlow Tableland

Above - View of a coalmine on the Wollondilly Arm of Lake Burragorang

Above - Looking down to Lacys Creek South Canyon

Above - Dave looking into Bob Higgins Creek

Above - Peter in a camp cave near Bob Higgins Ck

Day 7 - Bob Higgins Creek to Wollondilly River

Above - climbing out of the creek next morning

Above - Heading to Tonalli Peak

Above - Looking back

Above - Dave at Tonalli Peak - the point below the peak

Above - we had to do a short abseil to get directly off this point

Above - Looking back at the point we had abseiled off

Above - In the Wollondilly Valley - looking at Bonnum Peak

Above - In the Wollondilly Valley - looking at Bonnum Peak

Day 8 - Wollondilly River to Picton

Above - Looking back at the Wollondilly River, Yerranderie Peak and Byrnes Gap from Belloon Pass

Above - On the Nattai River we came across trail bike tracks. Later we met the riders and they gave us a ride back to Thirlmere Lakes, then we hitched into Picton and caught a train back to Sydney

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