The Overland Track - February 1976

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.
Party - Gordon Thompson (The General), Tom Williams, Michael Eades, Dave Noble

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Above - our camp - just outside Du Cane Hut

Above - around the fire in Du Cane Hut - Michael, Tom, The General and two other walkers

Above - Tom at the Mersey River

Above - on the track

Above - Tom in the forest - Pine Valley

Above - Meeting up again with the MUMC party at Pine Valley

Above - we had a spell of bad weather, but I went on a day trip to the Labyrinth with Cheryl and Theo from MUMC

Above - Looking at the Geryon

Above - at Lake Ophion

Above - we climbed The Parthenon

Above - descending off the Parthenon

Above - back at camp in Pine Valley

Above - climbing The Acropolis

Above - Tom spots a cairn on the summit pinnacle

Above - no more.....

Above - The General looking at the Geryon

Above - heading south

Above - we then did a trip up Mt Rufus

Above - The General on Mt Rufus

Above - Mt Olympus from Mt Rufus

Above - Lake Undine

Above - Looking towards Lake St Clair

Above - nice campsite

Above - Tom has swim in the Shadow Lake

Above - heading back down

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