The Overland Track - 18 - 29 January 1976

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Gordon Thompson (The General), Tom Williams, Michael Eades, Dave Noble

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Peter Wood gave Tom and myself a lift to Goulburn.  We then hitched to Melbourne and then flew to Devonport. After spending the night there -we met up with the others.

Above - Starting out - Dave, Michael, The General and Tom

Above - Tom at Waldhiem Chalet

Above - Tom having a swim at Lake Dove

Above - Cradle Mountain

Above - Mt Campbell and Hansons Peak

Above - camp near Kitchen Hut

Above - Tom at the camp

Above - Cradle Mountain

Above - climbing Cradle Mountain - looking down at the Little Horn

Above - looking to Barn Bluff

Above - Tom

Above - Tom on a pinnacle on Cradle Mtn

Above - on the way to climb Barn Bluff

Above - climbing Barn Bluff

Above - near the top of Barn Bluff

Above - Tom and the General on the summit

Above - Barn Bluff from Waterfall Valley

Above - Heading to Pelion from Waterfall Valley

Above - Tom examining a echidna

Above - camp near Old Pelion

Above - Pelion West

Above - Climbing the Thetis Track

Above - Looking towards Pelion West and Barn Bluff

Above - Mt Thetis

Above - Mt Thetis from Paddys Nuts

Above - Mt Archilles from Thetis

Above - Paddys Nuts

We then traverse onto Mt Ossa

Above - Tom on a lower summit of Mt Ossa

Above - view from Mt Ossa - looking at the Du Cane Range

Above - Tom and Dave on Mt Ossa

Above - Looking back to the lower peak of Mt Ossa, Paddys Nuts and Pelion West

Above - back at Old Pelion Hut - ready to set off south

Above - near Pelion Gap we meet up with a MUMC party - Jon, Theo, Cheryl, Dave, Susan and Trish (who we often met up with again)

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