Mt Anne Circuit - 3 - 7 February 1976

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Gordon Thompson (The General), Tom Williams, Peter Woof, Dave Noble

This was stage 1 of an 18 day walk in the South West. Photos from Stage 2 - the Western Arthurs and Stage 3 - The Eastern Arthurs and South Picton Range

Above - Peter and the General on the Eliza Plateau

Above - looking to Mt Weld

Above - Mt Anne

Above - looking down to the impoundment

Above - Peter and Mt Anne

Above - Mt Lot and Lots Wife

Above - Mt Lot and Mt Weld

Above - a distant Federation Peak - whcih we later climbed on the trip

Above - Tom on Mt Anne

Above - Peter almost on the top

Above - Dave scrambling up

Above - Tom on a pinnacle with PB and Federation visible

Above - ramparts

Above - sunset over the south west (carefully cropped to remove hydro impoundments)

Above - Mt Anne High Camp

Above - Tom heading to Mt Lot

Above - Lots Wife and Lot

Above - Tom scrambling above Lake Judd

Above - Dave on Mt Lot

Above - Tom looking down Lightning Ridge

Above - Lots Wife

Above - setting up camp on the Lake Shelf

Above - a beautiful place

Above - heading to Mt Sarah Jane, Mt Anne and Mt Lot behind

Above - Mt Sarah Jane

Above - looking back from Mt Sarah Jane towards Mt Lot and Lots Wife

Above - Schnells Range. The next day - we did a side trip up the moraine on the middle left, traversed the tops and descended down the moraine on the right

Above - Peter on Schnells Range

Above - Gordon on Schnells Range

Above - Looking down to Lake Judd

Above - back at our camp near Lake Judd

The next day we walked to the road, then down the road to Scotts Peak Dam - and picked up our dumped food and headed to Junction Creek to camp

Then we headed to the Western Arthurs for the second stage of our walk

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