Surefire Canyon - Ballrace Canyon - 23 - 24 October 1976

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Ted Daniels, Tom Williams, Tony Haigh, Dave Noble

This was a great weekend of exploratory canyoning

Above - Tony at the start of the canyon

Above - Looking back up the canyon with Tom standing on top of the first abseil

Above - Tom on the first abseil

Above - Looking down the canyon

Above - Tom in the canyon

Above - Ted on the second abseil


Above - Tom watching Ted on the second abseil

Above - Tom

Above - Tony on the second abseil

Above - Tony in the canyon

Above - Tom and Tony in the canyon

Above - in the canyon

Later that afternoon - we explored downstream (and there was a major partial solar eclipse - a total eclipse in Victoria) and camped at the Rocky Creek/Heart Attack junction on a magnificent grassy flat. On the Sunday - we explored Ball Race Canyon (Ted had partly explored this creek before) and exited via a pass directly onto the ridge between Surefire and Heart Attack canyons.

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