Rocky Creek and Surefire Canyons - 4 -5 December 1976

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Bob Sault, Nic Bendelli, Dave Firman, Dave Noble

Saturday was a day of exploration - we were looking for canyon in Rocky Creek. We started high up near Barcoo Swamp - and soon found a short section of canyon fairly high up. There was an abseil of about 20m. Near the end of the day - at the point where we were probably going to climb out we came across a major constriction. We called this secton of canyon - Rocky Creek Canyon".

Above - Nic in the canyon

Above - Dave F in the canyon

Above - Bob and Nic in the canyon

Bob and myself went all the way trough the canyon - hoping to find some abseils. When we got to the Budgary Creek junction - went went several hundred metres up Budgary Creek looking for more canyon (without success - the canyon sections are a long way upstream). We then went back up Rocky Creek Canyon. At the top of the cnayon we found a convenient pass up the ridge between Rocky Creek and a small side creek. This took us to the Galah Mtn Road - and then we walked back to the car at the Barcoo Swamp campsite. On Sunday - we visited Surefire Canyon.

Above - Bob on the first abseil of Surefire Canyon

Above - Bob on the second abseil

Above - Nic at the top of the second abseil

It was below this that we found a dead Koala in the canyon

Above - at the top of the third abseil

Above - Nic at the bottom of the third abseil

We exited the canyon by reversing the west branch. We placed a long thin log up the waterfall - and Nic used this to prusik up. he then put a rope down for us to climb up.

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