Rock Hill - Bungleboori Ck Daywalks - 1974

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Ted Daniels, Alex Preema, Steve Harding, Dave Noble and others from the National Parks Association

Day 1 - Deep Pass - Rock Hill - Yah Hut in Nayook Ck - Deep Pass

Above - on Rock Hill

Above - on Rock Hill

Above - we forced our way down off Rock Hill into the creek to the west. We then climbed out on the ridge to the west

Above - Looking abck at Rock Hill

Above - Looking down at the Yah Hut

Above - Ted signing the visitors book in the Yah Hut

Above - The Yah Hut

Day 2 - Bungleboori Creek - North Branch

Above - pagodas near Deep Pass

Above - pagodas in Bungleboori Ck

Above - Looking downstream

Above - this defile provided a good pass

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