Mt Pomany - Minaret Peak - 24 - 26 Apr 1975

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.
Party - Chris Cosgrove, Keith Maxwell, Rose Adams, Dave Noble

Above - starting out - on Nullo Mtn

Above - view from Hool Em Boy - looking up Widden Brook

Above - Holbrook Castle and Mt Kerry

Above - Mt Pomany from Mt Cox

Above - from MT Pomany - Keith and Rose - looking down into Casbah and Arabian Nights Craters

Above - from Mt Pomany - our first views of the Yodellers Range - we were amazed!

Above - looking north to Mt Wambo

Above - looking to Mt Kerry

Above - Chromach Peak and Mt Kerry

Above - we found a small canyon leading into Casbah Crater

Above - both Casbah Crater and Arabian Nights Crater were full of head high stinging nettles - it was painful going

Above - looking across the craters to Mt Pomany

Above - the Yodellers from near Minaret Peak

Above - the Yodellers Range

Above - the Yodellers Range

Above - parts of Minaret Peak

Above - the Yodellers Range - Wedding Cake Mtn to the Cats Ears

Above - cliffs near Minaret Peak. We could not find a way down - and this meant trouble. We would all end up overdue. I needed to get back for my job - and left the others to walk out fast back via the ridge to Nullo Mtn. I got there just after dark - and hitched down to the Cudgegong - then camped for the night - hitching back the next day and arriving too late for work. The others crossed Emu Ck near the Stockade. On later trips we traversed all the Yodellers and the Stockade.

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