Putty Rd - Culoul Range - Girribung Ck - Ovens Creek - Koondah Tower - Putty Rd - December 1976

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Tom Williams, Chris Cosgrove, Dave Noble

This was a long exploratory walk. We hitched up the Putty Rd and walked along the Culoul Range. We crossed Wollemi Ck near the Colo junction and then headed into Girribung Ck.

Above - Chris and Tom in Girribung Ck

Above - relaxing

Above - resting in a small ck

Above - on the ridge

Above - navigating on Green Hill in mist

Above - on Gospers Mt

Above - camp below Gospers Mt

Above - resting in Ovens Ck

Above - a strange rock - it must have fell down and then rolled horizontally a long way before stopping

Above - Looking up at the Koondah Tower

Above - view from the Koondah Tower

Above - Chris and Tom on the Koondah Tower

Above - Chris climbing down

Above - Chris ding some waterjumping

Above - Lower Koondah Ck

Above - Lower Koondah Ck

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