Wolgan River - Mt Morgan Plateau - 2 - 4 Oct 1976

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Barry Higgins, Nick and Rae Gooch, Keith Boyden, Dave Noble and others from the KBC

We had a very early start from Newnes and walked down the Wolgan River. We stopped for breakfast at Rocky Ck and made it to the Capertee Junction where we set up camp

Above - Keith at the Totem Pole

Above - Nick walking down the Wolgan River. The last few kilometres are rough

Above - Barry climbing up onto the plateau from a pass at the junction

Above - Barry looking down at the Colo River

Above - enjoying the views

Above - side trip to the cliffs near Mt Morgan for a view of Annie Rowan Ck

Above - Wolgan Gorge

Above - Getting water from rock pools on day 3

Above - on Glen Trig

Above - below Glen Trig is this strange "Inca Pathway" - origin unknown? Possibly built in the hey day of Glen Davis?

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