Mt Mistake Walk - August 1975

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Mt Irvine - Colo River - Wollangambe River - Maiden - Mt Mistake - Limit Hill - Bull Ring Ck - Annie Rowan Ck - Wolgan River - Newnes

Party - Keith Maxwell, Ian Hickson, Ross Bradstock, Chris Cosgrove, Martin Darling and Dave Noble

Above - most of the part at the start - Chris, Ross, Dave, Martin and Keith. Ian met us a day later in the Wollangambe River

Above - getting water on the Irvine Range

Above - Martin photographing aboriginal art - Tessellated Pavement. Chris, Martin, Keith and Ross

Above - Chris

Above - looking down Bowens Creek valley

Above - on the Irvine Range

Above - Colo River from our pass at the junction with the Wollangambe

Above - Ian and Keith - looking towards the Island

Above - Colo River

Above - The Island behind

Above - near The Maiden

Above - at Mt Mistake

Above - resting at Mt Mistake

Above - Nayook Ck

Above - looking north

Above - on Limit Hill

Above - at Permanent Water - near Mt Cameron

Above - at the top of our pass into Bull Ring Ck

Above - our pass went very steeply down the right of this picture

Above - having a few drinks at Newnes Hotel

Above - next morning at Newnes. We then walked and hitched out to Lithgow

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