Kanangra - Yerranderie - Kowmung River - September 1974

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Kanangra Walls - Arabanoo Ck - Kowmung River - Bulga Range - Scotts Main Range - Yerranderie - Mt Armour - Church Ck - Kowmung River - Cambage Spire - Bullhead Range - Kanangra Walls

The original intention was to visit the Blue Breaks near Byrnes Gap - but we had bad weather on every day of the trip - so we changed plans and walked to Yerranderie instead.

Party - Tom Williams, Janette Babicci, Michael Eades (from SBC) Gordon Bateman, Glen Nash, Peter ? (From Mount Druit BWC), Graydon Smith, Cheryl Deahm, Marie Read (from SUBW), and Dave Noble

Day 1

Above - the party in Arabanoo Ck

Above - Tom above a small waterfall

Above - scrambling around the waterfall

Above - Tom prefers a direct scramble

Day 2

Above - Camp - at the Christies - Kowmung junction

Above - Glen holds up a nice trout caught by Tom

Above - The party on Bulga Cone - Janette, Marie, Cheryl, Graydon, Peter, Gordon, Michael, Glen and Tom

Above - at Scotts main Range we are met by ranger Ron Mortimer

Day 3

Above - Yerranderie - the Silver Peak Mine

Above - in an old adit

Above - old machinery

Above - Tom's balancing act

Above - we try a few oranges

Above - and inspect the church

Above - and find a new airstrip! The cricket pitch has been destroyed.

Above - the party outside the court house

Above - the ruins of the old pub

Above - looking at the old court house

Above - house near the air strip

Day 4

Above - on the way to Mt Armour

Above - near Mt Armour

Above - checking out a cave entrance at Church Ck

Day 5

It was very wet overnight. We walk back down the Kowmung - with difficulty - it is now in flood, to Christies junction, then have a very cold wet walk back to Kanangra Walls via Cambage Spire and the Bullhead Range

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