Kanangra Walls to Katoomba via Mt Cloudmaker - 1975

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Route - Kanangra Walls - High Gangerang Range - Mt Cloudmaker - Dex Ck - Strongleg Buttress - Mobbs Soak - Medlow Gap - Narrow Neck - Katoomba

Party - Tom Williams, Eric Williams, Gordon Thompson (The General), Liz Perrars, Cob Taylor, Harry Ockenden, Carole Munday, Steve Moon (Moss) and Dave Noble

Above - The General showing off his rain pants at the Dance Floor Cave - Kanangra Walls

Above - an SUBW party in the cave - Ross Bradstock, ?, Martin Darling, Rob Shearer, Tim Herborn, Katriona Frohlich, Steve Williamson, Chris Cosgrove and 3 others

Above - heading to Gabes Gap

Above - Cob, Tom and Moss

Above - on the range

Above - on the range

Above - Harry, Carole and Tom

Above - at Sawtooth Trig - Mt Cloudmaker

Above - Dex Creek - camp

Above - Dex Ck

Above - Moss, Cob and Tom

Above - heading towards Strongleg - Carole, Harry and Cob

Above - Looking towards Mt Paralyser

Above - Looking towards Mt Jenolan - The General, Liz, Tom and Eric

Above - Moss, Eric, The General and Cob

Above - Moss, The General, Eric and Tom

Above - Cob crossing Kanangra Ck

Above - Moss having fun crossing the Coxs

Above - Harry

Above - Heading towards Mobbs Soak

Above - Climbing Tarros Ladders - Carole and Tom

Above - On Narrow Neck - looking back at Kanangra Walls. Moss, Harry, Carole and Tom

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