Kanangra - Yerranderie - Katoomba Walk - August 1972

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Bruce Parr, Phil Packham, Tony Curry, Peter Tregillgas and Dave Noble

This was my first major bushwalk. It was organised by Bruce Parr. He was an active walker in Springwood Bushwalking Club. He organised the trip for people he thought might be interested from our year in Springwood High School. It was just before we all sat the HSC exam. For me, the walk was an eyeopener. I had never seen such great country before. It whetted my appetite for more bushwalking and outdoor adventures.

These images are scanned from B and W negatives. They are not good quality.

Above - the first night - in the Dance Floor Cave, Kanangra Walls

Above - Peter, Tony, Phil and Bruce on Cottage Rock

Above - Tony, Pete and Phil

Above - Pete, Phil and Bruce surveying the route ahead

Above - our objective - Yerranderie on the far side of Brynes Gap

Above - on Cambage Spire - Pete, Phil, Tony and Bruce

Above - Looking down to the Kowmung River

Above - Kowmung River

Above - our first camp at Butchers Creek

Above - Bruce finds and old Indian motor bike at Yerranderie

Above - Yerranderie - a ghost town

Above - on Yerranderie Peak - looking at Brynes Gap

Above - on Yerranderie Peak

Above - view to Mt Colong

Above - we left Yerranderie and walked to Byrnes Gap to camp

Above - Phil up on Axehead Mountain

Above - view towards Yerranderie Peak

Above - view towards the Kowmung

Above - Tony and Phil on Axehead Mtn

Above - lunch on Axehead Mtn

Above - looking towards Vengeance Peninsula

Above - Peter and Bruce looking towards Mt Cloudmaker

Above - resting near Butchers Ck

Above - camp in Butchers Ck

Above - we passed by the Catholic Bushies Huts on New Yards Range. Dave, Tony, Peter and Bruce.

Above - the second hut - Bruce, Dave, Phil and Tony

Above - heading down New Yards Spur to the Kowmung River

Above - Near the Kowmung River

Above - on the Kowmung River

We walked down the Kowmung to the Coxs River, then up White Dog to Medlow Gap, then up Narrow Neck and into Katoomba

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