Ovens Creek Area - Walk - Easter 1977

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Tom Williams, Bob Sault, Peter Vanamois, Adrian Teague, Dave Noble

Above - on the way to Ovens Creek - we find ourselves in a small canyon and have to get out abseiling gear

Above - fungi

Above - Bob scrambling

Above - Ovens Creek

Above - on the tops

Above - we find signs of the army - here Tom looks at a gun implacement

Above - Moose finds some plastic bullets

Above - a sawn tree - for an old army helipad?

Above - above Koondah Ck

Above - Moose in upper Koondah Creek

Above - back on the ridge

Above - looking to the Capertee cliffs

Above - in Swampy Hole Crater

Above - view from Cyrils Rocks

Above - view from near Mt Darcy

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