Danae Brook Canyon - March 1973

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

This was my first canyon. It was organised by Bruce Parr for the Springwood Bushwalking Club.

Party - Bruce Parr, Graant Benett (Benge), Dave Noble.

None of us had been down the canyon before - and we didn't get a real early start. Also - the water in the canyon was high. On one of the last abseils we jammed a rope - and it took a while to pussik up and free. This resultsed in us being benighted in the canyon - at the start of the boulder chute. The next morning we completed the canyon and returned back to Mt Thurat via Thurat Spires. I took a few photos - but water got in the camera.

Above - The Shooters Hut at Budthingeroo. Back in the 70's it offered good shelter on a Friday night.

Above - Benge and Bruce at the top of the canyon

Above - Looking down the first abseil (we scrambled down this fall)

Above - the next day - at Kanangra Creek - Bruce and Benge

Above - Dave on one of the Thurat Spires.

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